Six Unique Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

The world is in a whirlpool to achieve success in all fields, draining its internal bliss. With your eternal quest for self-development trying to gain beauty, love, money or health, you often overlook the most vital area – spiritual well being.

Nourishing the spiritual self while building a strong connection with the divine, Spiritual Fitness is the need of the hour. It works as an elixir, and with the unprecedented times to face, it is the vital one that helps you pass through the toughest phase of life.

Let’s enlighten you on your quest for spiritual health.

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What is Spiritual Fitness?

Don’t Fear! Spiritual Fitness is not about leaving your responsibility or family; but it is much about your inner self or soul health. Building the qualities that help to relate with GOD strongly enables you to become resilient and spring back from the worst conditions. It is your strength to overcome the harmful influences or attacks (whether physical, mental or spiritual) and to recover faster without breaching your self-defense and emerging out much stronger.

Hence, spiritual fitness gives you the ability to perform the following tasks.

  • Understand your soul purpose
  • Empower your inner self
  • Gain meaning of life and strength
  • Bounce back from any tragedy, whether family or friend
  • Convert stress, anxiety, and pain into purpose
  • Rise above yourself and win over adversity and life challenges

Much like physical fitness, attaining optimal spiritual fitness requires commitment, perseverance and patience. Therefore, let’s walk you on the roadmap that helps you attain the quest for spiritual health.

Six Unique Ways for Spiritual Fitness

1. Yoga

Practised through ages by the ancient Indian sages, and today, widely accepted by the three worlds, YOGA is a unique physical technique that greatly helps to boost spiritual health and wellbeing. It is a way to reduce both physical and mental strains on your body and mind. This ancient art of India is easy to practice when done in the right way and is taught at all levels. No doubt, Yoga immensely helps to lower stress, boost immunity and lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety. There are numerous benefits of YOGA, not only about spirituality. Well, we can say that yoga confines spiritual health in it.

2. Meditation

You are not untouched by those frenzy meditation apps ready to download, but how often have you set a time and place to start your meditation. With those bundles of guides and how-to- articles, you are nowhere even at the edge of that 1 min meditation phase. So, let’s make it as easy as ABC.

Simple Steps To Follow

  • Just find any quiet place.
  • Set the timer
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe in and breathe out slowly, listening to your breathing

Bingo! You are done with that first meditation session and reached your milestone.

Follow daily and see the transformation by yourself, how it helps build your spiritual wellness.

3. Consume a Healthy Diet

Not only the eastern scriptures and Indian Ayurveda texts, but even today’s modern scientific researches have proved that what you consume is what you reflect. Food makes the major part of all – physical, mental and spiritual health. No doubt, as a healthy diet is a way to healthy wellbeing, it also plays a pivotal role in keeping your mental and spiritual state at the optimum. A good diet replenishes the depleted vital nutrients, suffices the daily nutritional needs, and helps to maintain overall health (Spiritual, Mental & Physical).

4. Creativity

No better way to connect to DIVINE or your inner self. Creativity is not something only a few privileged treasures, but it is like an asset that everyone enjoys. Immersing yourself in some creative stuff helps greatly to boost your spiritual health as creativity is not apart from spirituality. Many are oblivious that creativity is also a type of meditation, where you are engrossed in yourself and bringing your inner-self to the fore in the form of your creative element.

5. Travelling

Look for life’s greater purpose, and to find this, there is no better way than to go backpacking. Wandering in those canyons or deep forests, hiking on the high cliffs, no doubt, will dig out your inner core, bringing out your most beautiful self. On the wider aspect, travelling, for the temporary phase, can allow you to leave your mundane chores, errands and activities to look in a different direction. It helps you obtain a perspective of life, contemplates the inner YOU, dig into the deeper questions, reflect on your journey and experiences and obtain rest and peace.

Our mental wellness experts can equip you with quite a few skills to deal with day-to-day stressors.

6. Volunteering

As the famous mantra of SEVA (service) goes, ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’, volunteering to serve others is the inherent quality of Humanity. And no work, success or achievement can give you bliss and happiness, as the service to humanity can give. For a healthy spiritual life, there is no best way than volunteering. Serving others through volunteering provides immense inner contentment, taking you on cloud nine and top of the world. Whether it is helping the needy, teaching underprivileged children, serving food to the helpless and disabled, volunteering can be carried out on whatever path you want to serve.

In a way, these unique ways help you to achieve your spiritual health fitness goal. But, there may be a time when you’re still in the abyss of your darker side, wandering in the quest of light.

With so much mess around, if you are struggling with your spiritual fitness, here are the questions that you may want to ask yourself:

What makes me feel content or at peace?
When do I feel most connected to the world?
Where do I search for my purpose?
Where do I find my inner strength?
Pondering on these questions, you can find your true identity and your greater purpose on this earth. Furthermore, recall what makes you feel at ease and happy even when you’re all alone. Whether being with yourself or helping others, what takes you to your true self to be completely spiritually fit? Find below.

How do you apply Spiritual Wellness in your life? Consult our online therapist to get the perfect guide.


1) How do you achieve spiritual fitness?

Spiritual fitness normally can affect your resilience and readiness to perform your life duties. You can achieve a greater sense of contentment and spiritual fitness by practising gratitude, serving the underprivileged and looking into your divine self. It is better not to worry about anything but pray for the betterment. Whichever belief system or religion you’re following, try to stick on the path of honesty and integrity. Rather than seeking pleasure in worldly activities, try to do something distinctive that helps you feel content and happy from the inner out.

2) Why is spiritual fitness important?

As physical and mental wellness is crucial for your overall well being, Spiritual fitness is no exception. It plays a significant role in your life to help you out through the darkest phases of your life as well as keeping you sane in the most difficult transitions. With many of those down-to-earth strugglings in your life, spiritual fitness is important as it helps you fight against the many temptations that you face in day to day life. With the spirituality fit, you can overcome those malice desires and face life with the power of the Holy Spirit.

3) What are some examples of spiritual health?

Looking at your divine self, your spiritual health provides you with the roadmap to your inner beliefs, values, principles, ethics, and morals. Some of the examples of optimal spiritual health are as follows:

Stronger emotional core
Happy and content even with a minimalist lifestyle
Greater connection with the inner divine self
Forgiveness and expression of compassion
Caring for others

#Bonus Tip

Five Mantras to Repeat for Spiritual Fitness

  1. I am spiritually fit.
  2. I feel full & at peace
  3. I am grateful for all the blessings
  4. I love and be kind to all human kinds
  5. I’m a happy, peaceful and contented soul

Well, that’s an overall fitness goal worth aiming for, don’t you think so?

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