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Are You A Leo? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend And Enemy

Are You A Leo? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend And Enemy

Leo zodiac sign is a fixed fire sign and the individuals of Leo are charismatic. Leo is ruled by the radiant planet Sun and you expect wholehearted devotion from your friends.

Leo individuals are extremely warm-hearten, strong, courageous, trustworthy and loyal. You are surrounded by individuals who are trustworthy and loyal to you.

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Let us see who is Leo’s best match and who is the worst enemy for Leo.

Leo best compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Best Friend match for Leo


Leo’s friendship with Aries individuals would be warm and affectionate. Your Aries friends appreciate your passion for life and both enjoy each other’s company any time and every time. You are bold and courageous and your friends are fun loving and so both have a lot of excitement when they are together. Both of you are extremely active and bring out the competitive spirit of each other.


Leo matches well with Gemini individuals and both make a great friendship. You and your Gemini friends have a playful spirit and are positively addicted to each other. Both become kids when together and play and fight as kids do. Gemini individuals crack a lot of jokes and make you laugh all the time. Both of you are highly adventurous and get into trouble together with fun. Hence, you and your Gemini friends make a fun-loving pair.


Only Leo individuals would truly appreciate you. Both of you complement each other, exchange affectionate hugs and crack inside jokes. Both love being entertained, art, luxury, and sports. You and your friends have to keep ego aside for thriving and long-lasting friendships. Discover the more exciting Leo Traits.


The best sign for Leo is Libra. You and Libra individuals make fabulous friendships. Both of you love life and give each other positive energy all the time. You appreciate wit and sophistication of your friends and they love your warmth and generosity. Both of you feel weakness relatively minor and this is the secret of your great friendship. Both love being entertained and are enthusiastic game players.


You and your Sagittarius friends enjoy each other’s company and love being together all the time. You are highly delighted by a sense of humor of Sagittarius individuals and they adore your tremendous energy. You and your friends travel, play sports and have fun when together. You have the deepest affection for your Sagittarius friends among other friends. Your friend makes you laugh harder and you also make them laugh with your strange impersonations.


Though you and Aquarius individuals are astrologically opposite to each other, both eventually make an interesting friendship. You and your friends are extremely loyal to each other. You aid your friend to get in touch with emotions and they make you aware of the place for the social networks. You both adore and appreciate each other’s ability, creativity in order to stabilize your friendship.

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Leo worst enemy: Taurus, Scorpio

Worst enemies for Leo


It is very difficult for Taurus individuals to be in the spotlight in your presence. You also find Taurus individuals very stubborn. You usually issue a royal command like a lion and Taurus individuals hate being ordered around. You also hate the frugality of Taurus individuals. Hence, it is very difficult to get along with each other.


You and Scorpio individuals need attention. Neither of you would give up until your opponents are reduced to a small piece of stone. You and Scorpio individuals would clash with each other when together. You will not get accolades from them and they will not get respect from you. So, both of you are on to taking revenge when you are together.

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