Though not a perfect match, Yuvi and Hazel will make for an adorable pair!

Though not a perfect match, Yuvi and Hazel will make for an adorable pair!

It seems to be the season of weddings in the world of Indian Cricket. After ‘ The Turbanator’ Harbhajan Singh’s wedding with his long-time love Geeta Basra, it’s now our very own Yuvraj Singh – Hero of Indian Cricket on several occasions, who has got engaged to Hazel Keech, who is a model and actress! Yuvi, the Punjabi Munda, whom we have seen whacking the balls bowled some of the fiercest bowlers of the world into the stands has now been bowled over by the pretty-faced Britain-born Actress and Model! They say ‘Love knows no barriers and boundaries’ and it’s proved to be true in the love-story of this jodi. What sort of a love-story have the heavens probably written for this wonderful pair? Will they both enjoy great bliss together? Let’s see what Ganesha has to say…

Yuvraj Singh

Date of birth:- 12 December, 1981
Time of Birth:- Unknown
City of Birth:- Chandigarh, India

Yuvraj Singh’s Surya Kundli:-


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Hazel Keech

Date of birth:- 28 February, 1987
Time of Birth:- Unknown
City of Birth:- Essex, England

Hazel Keech’s Surya Kundli:-


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The Venus Factor:

  • Yuvraj and Hazel are both born with Venus in Capricorn. No wonder it’s a perfect click. Both must have taken some time to take a call on this relationship as Venus is in Saturn’s sign. People with Venus in Capricorn get married also for the social status. In other words, they would want either their social status to be uplifted post marriage or they will want a partner who is established in some or the other manner. People with Venus in the sign of Saturn value their relationships and generally take more time to take decisions in matter of love.

Some bumps on the path?

  • Hazel’s Saturn in Scorpio falls on Yuvraj’s Sun in Scorpio. This factor strongly indicates chances of Hazel trying to restrict Yuvraj in some or the other manner, or we can say that Hazel may be the one whowill dominate. Yuvraj will put up some resistance against this dominance. And looking at his stars, it is pretty clear that he is not the one to get swayed or bogged down by anything. If Hazel tries too hard to be the boss, or if she expresses too much possessiveness, then there may be conflicts, says Ganesha. Both will have to adopt a more balanced approach.

Will South Node (Ketu) trouble?

  • Yuvraj’s Venus is conjunct Ketu in Capricorn. This conjunction falls on Hazel’s Venus in Capricorn. It strongly indicates that Yuvraj’s attraction towards Hazel will keep fluctuating. Both will have to find ways to maintain the charm of her married life and will have to be open to experiments. One more aspect to the Venus in Capricorn placement is that such people are somewhat rigid when it comes to matters of love. They will be loyal, they will be refined, but they may not be willing to experiment much and to try out some fun things. Venus-Ketu combination generally makes a person get easily disillusioned with the entities and things represented by Venus. This doesn’t mean that Yuvraj will be frivolous in love, but the only thingt to be kept in mind is that Love is all about having fun and being open to novel experiences.

Trust – the Key to This Relationship…

  • Yuvraj’s horoscope has a strong Yog of relationship breakup. The Guru-Rahu (Guru Chandaal) Yoga in the Chart of Hazel doesn’t make for a bright picture either. Due to the aforesaid planetary configurations, there will be a lack of understanding and trust on some occasions. But the other benefic influences shall act in their favour and shall alleviate most of the troubles.

Jupiter-Rahu combination in Hazel’s Chart…

  • The Guru-Rahu Chandaal Dosha is found in Hazel’s chart. This indicates defamation or loss of prestige due to relationship/s with the opposite sex. Hazel may have the tendency of getting attracted to new people. There is nothing wrong in it, but the negative influences in her Chart may unnecessarily complicate matters and may increase the insecurity of her spouse.


  • Considering the strong planetary contact points, Ganesha feels that Yuvraj and Hazel will remain attracted towards each other, more so physically. Both together will be able to make it work. By being adjusting, flexible and accommodative, both of them will be able to make things work. Though not an excellent match, this pair will click well and shall experience its share of joys and bliss!

With Ganesha’s Grace,

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