What’s Next for Kane Williamson & SRH in IPL 2021?

What’s Next for Kane Williamson & SRH in IPL 2021?

Sunrisers Hyderabad, now practically out of the race for the playoffs in IPL 2021, will take on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings. Under the captaincy of Kane Williamson, Sunrisers have lost eight out of 10 matches.

Kane Williamson has taken New Zealand’s ODI team to the finals of the World Cup, and under his captaincy, NZ also won the World Test Championship. This season of IPL, however, has not been as fortunate for him. Let’s understand what lies ahead of him next.

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Kane Williamson Birth Chart: The Ketu Conundrum

Born on Aug 8, 1990, in Tauranga, New Zealand, Mars is in its own sign in Kane Williamson’s horoscope. Because of this, his energies are internalised. Jupiter is exalted, but there is also Ketu along with it.

Apart from this, Sun is also in conjunction with Ketu. The shadow planet is the main obstacle in his path to success. The year 2022 will be fine for him, although he may still have to work hard during this time.

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