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Virat Kohli Birthday Predictions: Hit on the Wicket of Hit-Wicket?

The thumping of the crowd, ear-piercing Vuvuzela trumpet sounds. Chants of “Kohli… Kohli…” and “India… India…” no matter where in the world the game is being played. A pandemic took away India’s national gathering event, a celebration that filled the country with patriotism in the most harmless way, a topic to ponder over at the paanwalas, and religion for the many, Cricket. Yes, we miss stadiums full of fans, too. An essential to any sport!

Soon, the most pivotal figure of this sport will celebrate his 32nd birthday. Virat ‘Run Machine’ Kohli. A carrier of billion expectations after the God himself, Sachin Tendulkar; and Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in a cricket-crazy county. Rising from the darkest of the days and leading the team to best of the ranks, between breaking records and scaring oppositions, Kohli has scarcely disappointed the nation. What lies in the future for Captain Kohli in 2021? We bring you Virat Kohli’s Horoscope just the way a live match would unfold, for your cricket-deprived quarantine.

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Are the playing conditions favourable? What should be the strategy, aggression or defence? Before the Captain comes out in the Sun and takes on 2020 all padded up, let’s have a look at the pitch. A predetermined, critical aspect of the game! A birth chart, in a way, is very similar. Something is prepared for you in advance, even before you start playing. The understanding of how it behaves will affect your strategies, and how you will play the game of life. Let’s see what Virat’s 22 Yards (or 12 Houses of Astrology here!) have to say.

Date of Birth: 5 November 1988
Time of Birth: Not Known
Place of Birth: Delhi, India

Well, our experts have taken a look at the pitch, and the observations are pretty interesting, to say the least. All the planets are all set to play the role they are assigned in Virat Kohli’s Surya Kundli. Without further ado, here’s how it stands. Jupiter positioned in the 8th house will be under the effect of Rahu’s transit, and Jupiter is transiting over Saturn in the 3rd house, rotation of strike. Saturn will aspect Mercury and Sun in the Ascendant. Captain Kohli will be under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha till 13 July 2021, after that, a new inning of Ketu Antardasha will begin.

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What does this all mean? We will find out how all these positionings of the key players are likely to affect Virat Kohli’s future as this ‘match’ of predictions unfolds. This may be the time to fasten your seat belts and grab on your snacks, as the action moves to live commentary, straight from Virat Kohli’s Birth Chart.

In cricket, the first few balls are very crucial to get your eyes in, if you want to play long innings. We can safely say Virat has seen off the difficult time and now it is time to collect some valuable runs, to convert the ones into twos, and twos into threes!

However, cricket is a great leveller. One cannot be ease into fours and sixes even if they are well set. During the upcoming world cup of 2023, Antardasha of Venus will be there, and at the same time, Virat Kohli’s Saturn will transit over Rahu in the 5th house. The positionings and transits of planets are likely to disturb even the best batsman in the world, like an overcast English morning with the red Dukes ball swinging viciously.

In the end, however, the home advantage will come to Kohli’s rescue like it always has. As India will host the world cup 2023, Kohli’s leadership is likely to change gears in the presence of his trusted partner, Rahu’s Mahadasha, which is by no means a non-striker.

We can say both with his age and his career, Kohli is in the middle of the things. In fact, he is the centre of attraction wherever he goes, on the pitch and off the pitch. On both fronts, he may need luck, energy, wisdom, power, and strategy to tackle the various situations. The Mahadasha of Rahu along with Antardasha of Mercury and Ketu may provide him with that much needed strategic timeout to gather all that.

Domination with positivity is likely to be the key for him moving ahead. With that, he is all set to make the most out of his purple patch. He may be prepared to conquer all the opponents on the field and dominate all the challenges thrown at him otherwise, throughout the year.

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We are closing on to the end of the innings. The much-dreaded death overs! Here, you either fail to close the game, or set the platform for a glorious win. IPL has really been the breaking point for Virat Kohli. The Midas touch seems to stop working when it comes to RCB. Are there any chances of those point-tables turning?

Jupiter’s Transit over Saturn in the 3rd house is likely to broaden his professional life, and give a new structure and order. If things are planned carefully, solid results can be achieved. Looking at his team’s performance this season of IPL, things are looking promising as well. Mahadasha of Rahu is likely to help his team qualify for the playoffs. A Death over scare avoided, the game is almost in the bag.

Match won, the job of a captain is over. He has managed to see off all the obstacles, tough times, and manoeuvred himself to a clear win. It is now time for a walk of honour across the ground, and celebrate the victories. And with that, we are reminded of an image of Anushka Sharma clapping from the balcony, a rock-solid partner to Captain’s rock-solid character and his self-made journey, a journey just like hers.

A power couple in all aspects, the pair is expecting a new man/woman of the match in their lives. With Jupiter’s Transit in Capricorn from 20th November 2020, Virat Kohli is all set to balance his fatherhood and career perfectly. The benefic aspect of Jupiter over Cancer in the 10th house will guide him to this balance, like a good nurturing coach.

Ganesha wishes Virat Kohli the best of everything. Be it his health, new responsibilities as a father and captain, or the strength to take RCB over the line this year. Chapter No. 32 begins for Virat Kohli, shouldering India’s cricketing dreams and carrying that furious intensity for which he is known. Happy Birthday, Virat Kohli!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,