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Sri Lanka Captain Atapattu bids farewell to International Cricket

Sri Lanka Captain Atapattu bids farewell to International Cricket

Former Sri Lanka captain Marvan Atapattu announced his retirement from international cricket. Marvan has played his last test match against Australia on 16-20 November 2007. He revealed his decision to quit during the final day of Sri Lanka’s second test defeat to Australia in Hobart. This decision has caught everyone by surprise. Ganesha predicts here his future in cricket by giving a brief analysis of his retirement.

Marvan Atapattu was born on 22nd November 1970 in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. He is right-handed batsman and Legbreak blower. Marvan Atapattu was opening batsman almost throughout his Test career.

As Ganesha does not have birth time of Marvan Atapattu, we consider Surya Kundali i.e. Sun in the first house. Ganesha feels that in Marvan Atapattu’s chart, lord of the 3rd house i.e. Saturn is placed in 6th house and is aspected by Mars (significator of courage) and Jupiter, which is the lord of the 5th house of sports and has given wonderful stroke playing skills making him world’s most acclaimed batsman.

Ganesha feels that in Marvan Atapattu’s chart, Jupiter and Venus are placed in Libra sign. Moreover, Mars and lord of the 11th house of gain i.e. Mercury are in exchange, which has given him great luxuries, wealth, name, fame, esteem and popularity.

Ganesha feels that Moon is placed in 10th house and depositor of Moon is placed in 1st house i.e. Sun with Mercury which has helped Marvan to bat with more concentration. Technically sound and Stylish stroke player Marvan Atapattu is one of only six batsmen to score six or more double tests centuries. Only three other batsmen have made more Test double centuries: Wally Hammond with seven, Brian Lara with eight and Don Bradman with leading twelve.

Ganesha notes that Moon and Ketu are placed in 10th house and Ketu in tenth house gave some up-downs in his career initially. As the result of this, Marvan made his debut in test career in November 1990 just after his 20th birthday, his first six innings yielded five measly ducks and one run but finally Marvan hit his first Test century in his 10th match seven years after his debut. As a result of his poor start, he has 22 Test-match career ducks and 4 pairs (two ducks in a single match), both records for a top-order batsman.

Ganesha feels that Atapattu’s career took another bizarre twist later in the year when embroiled in the cash-in-the-bedroom affair in which a match-fixing investigation was initiated after a large sum of cash was discovered in the safe of the hotel room he had occupied during England’s tour in 2003. In Marvan Atapattu’s chart, transiting Saturn was passing through 8th house and also transit from 8th house from Natal Sun (significator of reputation), but at that time, Natal Sun was also aspected by transiting Jupiter. Therefore, the ICC later cleared Atapattu of any wrongdoing and the likeliest explanation for the mystery remains a crude attempt to blacken his reputation.

Ganesha feels that Mars and lord of the 11th house of gain i.e. Mercury (significator of communications) are in exchange. Transiting Jupiter is passing through 2nd house of wealth and is in trine aspect with 10th house of career, which indicates that Marvan Atapattu will again have good days in cricket as commentator or coach in future.

Wishing a good luck and May lord Ganesha bless Marvan Atapattu.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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