Saurav Ganguly has it in him to be an inspiring leader...


The proverbial Bengali good boy of the Indian cricket, ex-Team India and IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Saurav Ganguly may have retired from the active form of the game, but he continues to be associated with his beloved game in an important role. He was recently appointed as the President of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), filling in one of the many high-profile shoes of the late Jagmohan Dalmiya. Supported and backed by the Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Banerjee herself in this move, the illustrious cricketer has a definitive path chalked out ahead of him – that of being an instrumental figure in the cricket administration of the game of cricket in India. Saurav Ganguly is now all set to propose the name of Shashank Manohar's candidature for BCCI's top post in BCCI's SGM.

The die has been cast! What lies ahead for 'dada' now? Ganesha looks at Saurav Ganguly's Natal Chart to predict the way ahead....


8th July 1972
Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal

The Natal Promise...

The notable feature in Saurav Ganguly's Natal Chart is the strong 3rd House Lord Venus placed in the 10th House. Here, his Natal Venus is in conjunction with his Natal Saturn and exalted Moon.

The Luminaries
Both the luminaries – the Sun and the Moon are aligned favourably for Saurav Ganguly. Ganguly's Natal Moon is exalted, and it gets further strengthened by being Vargottama. This planetary configuration gives him strong leadership abilities and exemplary character qualities like discipline and a deep sense of responsibility.

And, the planet signifying fame and leadership Sun is Amatyakarak in his Chart and is placed in the 11th House (signifying gains). Sun is further strengthened by being exalted in the Navmansa Chart for Ganguly. This certainly seems to be an encouraging sign for career in administration, specifically in a field like sports. This planetary placement shall make Ganguly a good leader, with encouraging mass following. Ganesha feels that given these planetary indications, the erstwhile cricketer can be a huge asset for any organization.

The Opportunity...
Saurav is currently under the influence of Jupiter Mahadasha and Mars Bhukti. Mars is the Yogakaraka planet (the most benefic planet) in his Chart. Also, the transiting Jupiter is passing through the Ascendant House in Ganguly's Chart. These factors can be held as the key planetary factors that have provided him the golden opportunity of becoming the new President of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).

The Tenure...
As Mars is placed in the 12th House with Ketu, Ganguly's new innings as CAB President will be tough, feels Ganesha. He may face stiff resistance and competition within the competitive outfit. The move to make him the President may ruffle feathers - both in the CAB and at the BCCI. And, given the ever changing colours of the cricket politics, the coming days will be interesting and demanding for him.

Jupiter helps...
However, the transiting Jupiter will continue to act in Ganguly's support and favour. So, in more than one way, the Bengal cricket tiger will work his way through and will strengthen his position. On his own, he will have to remain tactful and play his cards well.

With Ganesha's Grace,
Tanmay K Thakar
The Team