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Sourav Ganguly Horoscope: Slow But Steady

Popularly known as Prince of Kolkata and dada of the Indian cricket team, he is none other than Sourav Ganguly. His success and contribution to Indian cricket are never forgettable, which makes him a very special cricketer. He brings a different strategy and captaincy in his own way, which created an unparalleled mark in Indian cricket. He is currently on the Board of Control for Cricket in India. He is widely known with the nickname of God of the offside because of his ability to hit the ball on the offside.

So, what makes him so special and what are the things hidden in his horoscope? Let’s reveal and talk about it.

Sourav Ganguly Birth Date: July 08, 1972.
Time of Birth: 08:26 a.m.
Place of Birth: Kolkata.

sourav ganguly kundli

As per Sourav Ganguly horoscope, he is born as a Gemini ascendant and having Sun placed in the first house of the natal chart, which makes him a versatile and witty personality. Having the Sun in the first house makes him a fiery and aggressive person, as we have seen these features throughout his cricketing career in captaincy. Rahu in the tenth house of the public image makes him very authoritative and commanding. Rahu blesses him with the ability to do things on his own terms and, most importantly, without fear. Venus in Taurus makes him very practical and intelligent as well.

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So, what are the things stored for the prince of Kolkata and as a president of the cricket board of India? Let’s reveal some of the interesting aspects of his life for the coming future-

As per Sourav Ganguly kundli, Saturn transit in Capricorn will bring unexpected changes in his life for 2021. He will bring some of the new things on to the table in cricket, which no one knows. Saturn transit over natal Rahu in Sourav Ganguly Horoscope will also make him courageous and brave. This time will bless him to take bold decisions as a president. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will give him much needed positivity and support for this time. His fortune will favour this time as he is going through Jupiter Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha as this time is not that good for his professional life. This is the time he may face problems to execute all plans till next year.

As per Sourav Ganguly horoscope, this year is not good on the health factor for the prince of Kolkata. Transiting Rahu in the twelfth house can create serious problems as Ketu is also transiting through the Sixth house of the chart. Rahu is transiting through Venus, Saturn and Moon, which can create some unnecessary trouble for health this year. A lot of things depend on his travelling and food as well. He must have to stay alert in this as Jupiter mahadasha, and Rahu antardasha are also not good for health as it also can create some trouble for him this year. However, Jupiter transit is good, but still, he needs to be alert when it comes to health.

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This year is not that good for wealth, as per the Sourav Ganguly Horoscope. Transiting Saturn over natal Rahu may bring some unexpected source of wealth gains for him. Even though it may not be very large, he can expect some monetary gains this year. Jupiter dasha and Rahu antardasha will not be good for monetary gains. Yes, this time, he may establish connections to overseas sources, and foreign things will come into his life. During the birthday time, Mars transit in Leo this year will surely make him fiery, and his motivation will be at its best to plan the things for future. This year will be the foundation to earn monetary gains in future.

Yes, this time, the BCCI president may not be able to maintain that cordial relation as Jupiter mahadasha and Rahu antardasha is not that good for him. Saturn transit in Capricorn may create some disturbance in his life as a President of BCCI. Jupiter transit will bring luck during this year, as you can expect him to do better things ahead as a leader for the board. This year will mark a new start to plan things, and the year 2022 will be far better than 2021. Rahu transit will be excellent for him to make new connections with foreign nations in the cricketing world. We can expect some new inventions in cricketing career from him.

So, according to Sourav Ganguly horoscope, by considering all the factors, we can say it was not so good a time for him, but really, this can be the trailer for him as his main picture is yet to come in life. He is in such a position in his life where many more new changes and things are yet to happen in his life. You can expect a lot from him in the coming time.

We wish Sourav Ganguly – Happy Birthday and a good year ahead!

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