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Sachin’s Cricket Future

Sachin’s Cricket Future

Pressure is growing on Tendulkar after India’s debacle in the World Cup at the group stages and many people said that he should go before someone else makes the call for him. The big question is what is next for Sachin???

Rahu period started for him in November 1996 and lasts till November 2014. The present sub period of Mercury, which is debilitated and lasts till June 2007 is not favorable for him. Fitness issues and other disturbances are in store for him till the end of this Mercury period.
In fact, ever since Rahu/Mercury period began (from 15th Oct. 2004), his career has been threatened by a spate of injuries.

He will be under the influence of Ketu’s sub period from May 2007 and lasts for one year giving him a vent to prove his strength on Cricket pitch. Ketu in the star of Rahu and Rahu debilitated in the 4th house may test his courage and skills. There will be temptations and pressure on him to take retirement and he might feel a bit confused as well but may stick with his job. The best option for him is to take rest for next three months and regroup his energy.

He may retire in 2009. His retirement is not likely before his birthday in 2009. Sachin is moving surely towards the setting sun of his Cricket career but we might witness some of the glorious innings in the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008.

We pray to God that he continues to give excellent performances and happiness to his fans and cricket lovers all over the world!!!!!!!!!!

Ganesha wishes Sachin good luck on his birthday and gives his blessings to him.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,