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The future of Maytas Infra Private Limited

The future of  Maytas Infra Private Limited

Introduction: Maytas Infra Limited is among the leading Infrastructure Development, Construction and Project Management Companies in the country. The company is in news, in recent times, because of its ventures and fund transfers with fraud-hit Satyam. In the light of this, Ganesha predicts the future of Maytas Infra.

Foreign Holdings 03.45
Govt. / Financial Institutions 10.16
Corporate Bodies(not covered above) 30.15
Directors and their Relatives 36.64
Other including Indian Public 19.59

Astro Analysis
Maytas has Scorpio Ascendant as per the astro analysis of the date of its listing, which is October 25, 2007. Moon is in Revati Constellation. Jupiter, the Lord of the fifth house and the house of Economics is posited in the first house, which is favorable. The destiny Lord Moon is in the fifth house. Jupiter also aspects the fifth house. Saturn, Ketu and Venus are posited in the tenth house in Leo by birth. Saturn and Ketu are negative planets invigorating unfavorable combinations, evident in this case too. Malefic Venus signifies loss, heavy tax burden, outflow of money, breaking of agreements etc. Also, at the time of inception the company was passing through Mercury-Moon-Mercury phase. Moreover, Sun – the Lord of the tenth house is posited in the twelfth house.

Lagna Chart

Fluctuations in the share prices
The stocks of Maytas touched a high of Rs. 834.95 on Feb 01, 2008.
The stocks of Maytas touched a low of Rs. 90.65 on Jan 22, 2009

What Next?
Currently, Saturn is transiting through the tenth house. The position of Saturn in the 10th house generally delivers inauspicious results. An afflicted Saturn proves hazardous to the people at the helm of the affairs, who may even face infamy and vileness. The normal trade suffers and the company resorts to mobilization of resources. Transiting Saturn in the 10th house assumes great importance. It alleviates the person to a great height but soon that person gets exhausted and loses power. The company is passing through an unfavorable phase of Mercury-Mars-Ketu.

The fate of Maytas seems to be gloomy. Even the natal chart, the transit, and the dasas are weak.

The company may feel good after September 15, 2009, however the negative Saturn will be transiting through the Eleventh house in Virgo opposite to Moon, which is unfavourable.

Overall, the company will witness fluctuations in its share prices till November 18, 2016.

Long Term – Strongly Sell
Medium Term – Strongly Sell
Short Term – Strongly Sell

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,