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Time till January 2016 may be tough for the Captain Cool MS Dhoni, says Ganesha.

Time till January 2016 may be tough for the Captain Cool MS Dhoni, says Ganesha.

Time till January 2016 may be tough for the Captain Cool MS Dhoni

After facing a dismal defeat against Bangladesh, the Indian skipper, often known as one of the most successful captains to the Indian Cricket Team, M.S. Dhoni announced that he might step down from his position as the team leader in the limited-overs’ game format, a role he has so deftly played for almost a decade now, taking the Indian team through myriad significant triumphs, including the coveted ICC World Cup and T-20 World Cup victories. Naturally, this announcement raised plenty of speculation. Amidst the hoopla, GaneshaSpeaks took a fresh look at ‘Captain Cool’s’ Horoscope to predict that the going may remain tough for him till January 2016, post which he may be able to revive himself and his game. Here is a lowdown –

Mahendra Singh Dhoni , Indian Cricketer
Date of Birth :- 07th July , 1981
Birth Time :- 11.11 A.M.. (Unconfirmed)
Place of Birth :- Ranchi ,Bihar (Jharkhand),India


M.S. Dhoni who announced his retirement from the test format earlier is still a popular and respected cricketer, but things have remained tough for him. Blame it on the ongoing Saturn Transit, says. Saturn, currently transiting through the Zodiac Sign Scorpio, is retrograde. In Dhoni’s Natal Chart, this Saturn transit, taking place through his 3rd House, is casting an adverse aspect on his Natal Mars. Mars is the natural signifier of aggressive, active sports. So, a negative influence on Dhoni’s Natal Mars, getting worse by Saturn’s retrograde movement (till August 2015) is making matters extremely tough for him.

Astrological Observations

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni is born with Virgo Ascendant, wherein 3 planets, namely Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are placed.
  • The Lord of his 9th House, Venus is in conjunction with Rahu in the 11th House.
  • The Lord of the 10th House, Mercury is Swagruhi (in its own sign) with the Sun in his Natal Chart.
  • Dhoni is currently under the influence of the major period of Rahu and sub period of Venus.

Important Planetary Transits

  • The retrograde Saturn is currently transiting through the 3rd House in his Chart, giving negative aspect to Mars in Dhoni’s Natal Chart. Mars is in its detrimental sign.
  • The transiting Rahu – Ketu – the shadow planets are transiting through his Ascendant and the 7th House respectively, forming a Square aspect with the Sun and Mercury in his Chart. Rahu is also transiting over Dhoni’s Natal Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Jupiter will transit through Leo, post 14th July 2015.

Astrological Predictions

  • Ganesha notes that M.S. Dhoni will have to give more efforts towards practice on and off the field, as the time is tough for him, and it will not be easy for him to give a good output, without real hard work. This planetary configuration may leave him exhausted and fatigued. To be precise, he will have to take a very good care of his health.
  • His constant efforts and intuition during his performances may also not help him get the desired output, as Ketu is in the 5th House of his Chart. Since, the transiting malefic planets are demanding more efforts from his performance, Dhoni may continue to struggle.

– Will the current team turn against Dhoni?

  • Ganesha notes that M.S. Dhoni will face problems, with regard to his team members, as currently Rahu is transiting over the triumvarate of Dhoni’s Natal Moon, Jupiter and Saturn- posited in his Ascendant House and Ketu through the 7th House in his Natal Chart. Moreover, in its currently retrograde movement, the transiting Saturn is aspecting Dhoni’s Natal Ketu in the 5th House, which will not allow him to perform well, as the 5th House denotes performance.
  • Besides this, the transiting Saturn is directly aspecting the transiting Mercury in Taurus, the Lord of the Ascendant in Dhoni’s Natal Chart. This may confuse Dhoni, and affect his decision making power, mislead him into committing mistakes.

– Will Dhoni be able to retain his position as the team captain?

  • As the transiting Rahu is moving over Dhoni’s Natal Moon, and it will be getting closer to his Moon during the latter half of the year 2015, his captainship will be under pressure and scrutiny, till January 2016. Dhoni may also face unexpected criticism from people. However, the the Rahu-Venus Dasha period may help him overcome this threat. There are chances that he may opt for rest, and may hand over his responsibilities to someone else, during the forthcoming series, as the period till 1st August, 2015 may remain specifically adverse for him.

– Any addition, as per the latest developments

  • He will have to control his anger, while trying his best to not get confused. He must take more time in taking important decisions, and coordinate politely with the team mates. Besides this, Ganesha advises that Dhoni should take care of his health, in general. It seems that the upcoming transit of Jupiter (through Leo) will not be much helpful, in saving him from controversies in his professional life and contentious matters in other areas. So, it will be upto Captain Cool entirely to keep his cool amidst such circumstances.
  • Dhoni will have to be careful regarding his personal life too, as his terms with his spouse may remain tense till January, 2016.
  • On his own, Dhoni should do his best to remain away from controversies, all the while maintaining smooth relations with people on and off the field.
  • The transit of Jupiter through Leo, post 14th July 2015, also does not seems to be much supportive for the talented skipper’s career. He may continuously feel that the fortune is not favouring him.
  • Overall, it seems that he may not be able to remain active in cricket till January 2016, Ganesha feels. However, he still may be lucky enough to get fame, popularity and appreciation from the masses, after the said period.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team