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How Hasan Ali’s Dropped Catch Cost Pakistan the T20 World Cup?

On the 3rd ball of the 19th over in the Pak Vs Aus semi-final, Matthew Wade of Australia slogged the ball to mid-wicket, who was setting in for an easy catch at an international level. However, the fielder was Hasan Ali, who would go on to replay the moment so many times in his head… as he had dropped the catch.

At that point in the match, Australia needed 20 runs in 10 balls, a tricky ask against the Pakistani bowling line-up. Matthew Wade, however, had different plans. After being dropped by Hasan Ali, Wade hit three consecutive sixes to seal Pakistan’s fate and sent them packing!

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Back home in Pakistan, Hasan Ali was the target of the fans for dropping the catch, and before that, bowling a mediocre over that got Australia closer to their target. At the time of the match, his natal Rahu was under the transit of the Sun, which is a negative situation to be in.

On top of that, the transiting Moon was together with Saturn in the eighth house on Nov 11 (matchday). These combinations were already looming over Hasan Ali, predicting a bad day! These negative positions and transits of the planets may have brought harm to his reputation.

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