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Google’s entry into Browser Space- Will it Succeed?

Google’s entry into Browser Space- Will it Succeed?

Introduction: Google has launched its own new browser ‘chrome’. Internet search giant Google has finally made its much-rumoured entry in the browser space. After the latest releases Google Inc. has released its own Web browser in a long-anticipated move aimed at countering the dominance of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer and ensuring easy access to its market-leading search engine

Astrological Analysis:

Google was originally incorporated as Back-Rub Search Engine in 1996. Later on their co-associates Larry and Sergey decided that the Back-Rub search engine needs a new name. After some brainstorming, they went with Google — a play on the word “googol,” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.
Finally, it was officially declared as GOOGLE TECHNOLOGY INC. on September 07, 1998 at California, says Ganesha.
At present the name of the company is Google Inc. Its original Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware on October 22, 2002.
Ganesha analyzes the horoscope with Cancer rising sign. Sun is posited in 1st house. Uranus, Neptune and Moon are placed in 7th house. Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter are retrograde in 2nd, 5th and 9th house respectively.

At present, transiting Ketu is going to conjunct natal Sun in 1st house. On the other hand, transiting Rahu is moving towards natal Moon, Uranus and Neptune, observes Ganesha. Sun represents the supreme authority of Company and Moon signifies the mood of population. It also represents the basic necessity of consumers. Thus, Ganesha feels that this unique browser will be widely accepted after October 25, 2008. Users of Chrome will need some modifications in the current user interface.
As far as Jupiter’s transit is concerned, it is transiting from12th house in Moon Chart. Thus after December 22, 2008, conjunction of transiting Jupiter and natal Moon will bring favorable results for this browser, foresees Ganesha. This transit will take place in the 7th house of the company’s Birth Chart. Google will offer multi-features in this amazing browser.

Considering Mercury’s and Rahu’s presence in 2nd house, Ganesha feels that transiting Saturn from 2nd house will bring very good results in marketing of this browser. This browser will be SEO friendly. Search Engine mechanism will become easy by the use this browser. This will remove all complexities of Search Engines also.

According to Ganesha, Chrome will have better web applications. also. Conjunction of transiting Saturn and natal Rahu will bring innovative changes to assist not only users but also for Web Programmers and SEOs. It will surely help in making the web even better.

What Next?

  • Ganesha foresees that Chrome shall be the fastest browser in processing Java script.
  • Google may carry project to modify the unique features to attract more communities on Chrome.
  • Chrome is very far from done, says Ganesha. Users, programmers and SEOs will enjoy surfing by Chrome after December 22, 2008.
  • By the end of December 2008, Google shall modify its Chrome versions for Mac and Linux too.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,