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Durand Cup 2021- Kerala & Goa May Fight Fiercely

Durand Cup 2021- Kerala & Goa May Fight Fiercely

The 130th edition of Durand Cup or Durand Cup 2021 has just begun. This edition of the Durand Cup is quite different as it’s marked by the absence of the two major football teams, namely Mohun Bagan AC and FC East Bengal. These two teams have won this tournament 16 times each. In the absence of the two major entities (both of which hail from West Bengal), either Gokulam Kerala FC or FC Goa are being seen as more likely to win the tournament this year.

While Gokulam Kerala FC is the defending champion, FC Goa is also in very good shape & form, as per the observers. Ganesha has analysed the horoscopes of the two teams using their foundation dates (Sep. 20, 2017, for Gokulam Kerala FC and Aug 26, 2014, for FC Goa). The two favourites, Goa and Kerala, seem set for a tough contest. Read on to know more:

The ascendant of both these teams is Leo, the lion, which is in the house of the Sun. The planetary transits of 2021 are similar for both teams. Of course, the defending champion, Gokulam Kerala, will come to the field with full preparation. On the other hand, FC Goa will also play actively & fiercely. At the same time, as per the planetary movements, the players of Gokulam Kerala will have to ensure that they don’t get injured during the matches.

East Bengal has not won any tournament since 2004. Also, Mohun Bagan’s last tournament victory was in 2000. Gokulam Kerala won in 2019 and Army Green in 2016. Before that, in 2014, Pune’s Salgavnkar had clinched the trophy. In 2021, the Kerala-Goa contest seems evenly poised. Only time will clearly & finally decide which team will play the magic this time — Kerala, Goa or a third team?

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