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Who Will Win Today’s Match, Brazil Vs Costa Rica?

Who Will Win Today’s Match, Brazil Vs Costa Rica?

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Ths is one of the most crucial matches as two American teams go head to head for this FIFA World Cup 2018. Brazil who has not done that well in their first match against Switzerland where they drew 1-1 with them, hope to perform better in their quest to win their second match against Costa Rica. It is essential for Costa Rica to win this match so that they can keep their hopes alive and also the fact that they have not won against Brazil in any of the World Cups makes it all the more significant to win this match and make it big. Furthermore, Brazil has one point to themselves and Costa Rica has zero, making them the only team in their group with no points at all.

Event Details for the 24th Match, FIFA World Cup 2018
Brazil Vs Costa Rica
Date of the Match: 22nd June, 2018
Match Time: 5: 30 pm (Indian Standard Time)
Place of the Match: St Petersburg, Russia

Brazil Vs Costa Rica Match – Know About Players’ Prediction

In spite of being the number two team right now, Brazil has not been able to prove themselves worthy of this competition yet. With great players like Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Casemiro, Neymar, Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus it is impossible for anyone to think that they are still behind Serbia in the table. Costa Rica has some good players as well who can give a tough fight to Brazil like Joel Campbell, David Guzman, captain Bryan Ruiz and Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas. It will be interesting to see how these players perform in their second match at the group stage.

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Who Will Win Today, Brazil or Costa Rica? Here Is The Prediction

As per our astrological prediction, it is likely that Brazil may win this game and still, keep their hopes alive to win this FIFA World Cup 2018. They rank 2nd according to the FIFA rankings and may as well prove to be one, in this football World Cup. Brazil is also one of the favorites to win this World Cup this year and thus they will have to perform accordingly for the rest of their matches as well.

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