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Jammu’s Umran Malik Bowls Fastest Ball in The IPL for SRH

Young fast bowler Umran Malik, playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL, has surprised everyone with his speed. Known as the ‘Jammu Express’, this bowler has stunned everyone with his speed. Just a few days back, Umran Malik had bowled the fastest ball of the IPL season at a speed of 152.95 kmph in the match against Bangalore.

Umran Malik was included in the team after Sunrisers Hyderabad bowler T Natarajan got infected with the coronavirus. Joining the team as a net bowler, Umran has now become the fastest Indian fast bowler to bowl in this league.

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Born on Nov 22, 1999, Umran Malik has an exalted Mars in his horoscope, which gives him strength. That’s why he is so fast and aggressive. On the other hand, there is a conjunction of Ketu with Mars in the horoscope, indicating that he may have to retire early due to an injury. Time after Feb 22, 2022, will be a very auspicious time for them. Before that, he will have to be careful about the injuries, again.

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