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Can Pedri ‘Golden Boy 2021’ Dodge This Planetary Kick?

Ladies & gentlemen, presenting the Golden Boy 2021, Pedri. Pedro González López(aka Pedri), a midfielder for Barcelona and Spain, has won the Golden Boy Award 2021, which is given to the best emerging European talent every year. While football fans are applauding Pedri, astrologers detected something strange in his kundali.

Pedri, who was born on Nov 25, 2002, is blessed by the auspicious Gajakesari yoga, which is formed by the Moon and the benefic Jupiter. As a result, he was given the opportunity to make his debut for the Spanish National team.

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Furthermore, Venus and Mars combined to form Prasid yoga helped the Spanish footballer in winning the Golden Boy award. However, the astrological analysis predicts that Pedri’s career may falter soon as a result of the Sun and Ketu Grahan. Overall, his birth chart may give him mixed results.

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