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Is Bhuvneshwar Kumar Ready for the T20 World Cup?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Indian pacer, has been out of form for some time now. This season of IPL 2021 has also been bad for him. Now the T20 World Cup is about to begin. Captain Virat Kohli has expressed his trust in him, but will Bhuvi live up to the captain’s trust?

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar was born on Feb 5, 1990. According to the solar chart of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the combination of four planets Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Mars is being formed, which obstructs his energy. On the other hand, his Sun and Rahu are together, which is creating Grahan Dosha. In such a situation, even in the coming times, his performance may not be up to the mark.

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