Kapil Sibal Targets Congress Leadership – Is He Going To Quit Congress?

Published on October 2, 2021

kapil Sibal

Well, the senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, is well-known for his straight and outspoken talks. Once again, Kapil Sibbal has — after the removal of Amarinder Singh as Punjab CM and post the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu as state party chief — made some comments, which obliquely target the Gandhi family of the Indian National Congress (INC). These comments have triggered the speculation that Kapil Sibal is in a mood to change his political party.

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Born on Aug 8, 1948, in Jalandhar, Punjab, Mars and Moon are together in Sibal’s horoscope. This combination helps him stay positive all through. Mercury’s planetary phase (dasha) will begin in his kundli from Dec 12, 2021.

This may bring in a new change in his life. Around then, there will be more strength and seriousness in his voice, and people will listen to him. As per his Surya kundali, Saturn is in the house of Leo. That is why his talks are usually bitter. The coming days will be a mixed bag for him.

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