Will Satyapal Malik’s Statement Against Centre Land Him In Trouble?

Published on November 10, 2021

satyapal malik

“You are in power and arrogant… You don’t know the repercussions.” were the words of the Meghalaya Governor as he attacked the Modi Government over the Farmers’ protest. He addressed the fact that more than 600 farmers have died in the protests against the centre, which is not a good situation.

Even before this, Malik has been criticising the central government. He also stated that he is willing to resign from his post as a Governor over the issues he has with the current government.

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Born on July 24, 1946, Satyapal Malik has a conjunction of Saturn and Sun in his solar chart. Along with that, Moon and Rahu together form Grahan Dosha, inviting controversies in his career. From Dec 2021 to March 2022 look to be troublesome for him. Planets like Mars, Ketu, Sun, and Mercury are causing issues for him. The negative aspects of these four planets may induce him to resign from his post.

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