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Will Mamata Banerjee’s Planets Help Her Again In Goa?

Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is visiting Goa for election campaigns. She is preparing to gain the voters by looking at the BJP’s failings in the state. She has been a strong critic of Congress and believes that BJP’s rise in the country has been a result of Congress’ failures. Mamata Banerjee is also trying to unite Trinamool Congress workers in Goa.

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Born on Jan 5, 1955, in Kolkata, she has exalted Jupiter, Moon, & Saturn, All these planets make Mamata Banerjee’s horoscope very strong. As far as Goa is concerned, the result can be foreseen to be mixed at best. She can even make her base here without putting in much effort.

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