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Which Planetary Position Cause Of Tension Between India Pakistan

Which Planetary Position Cause Of Tension Between India Pakistan

India’s relations with the neighbouring country have soured just before the upcoming elections. On one hand, Pakistan-backed terrorist organizations entered the Indian border and carried out a terrorist attack, then in retaliation, India entered the Pakistani border and destroyed the terrorist facilities. Since then, tensions between the two countries have continued. This tension is bound to have an impact on the upcoming elections as well.

Horoscope of India

Transit of Mars is important for India and Pakistan

India is currently under the influence of Chandra Mahadasha and Brihaspati Bhukti. Moon is the lord of the 3rd house (house of neighbours) and Jupiter is the lord of the 8th house (house of adversities). Therefore, India will face many problems with all its neighbours, as they will not leave any opportunity to create headaches and trouble for India. Mars, the planet of war and destruction, is the lord of the 7th house (house of war) in the chart of India. Presently Mars is transiting through the 12th house in fiery Aries and aspecting the 7th house. In such a situation, there will be a tense atmosphere on the borders due to the infiltration of foreign terrorist organizations. It is also worth noting here that the planet Mars is the lord of the Ascendant in the chart of Pakistan. Therefore, the impact of the transit of Mars will be of utmost importance for both countries. Pakistan is also passing through the Venus-Jupiter Dasha period. Both Venus and Jupiter are associated with the 7th house of war, which indicates war-like situations between the two countries.

The tension between India and Pakistan may increase in March-April

Due to the current transit of Mars in Aries, two incidents have already happened. These include a Pulwama attack and another strike by the Indian Air Force. The period between March 5 and March 14 could create tension between the two countries. Mars also represents armed forces and tensions are likely to increase especially due to the transit of Mars from Taurus in Rohini Nakshatra. The period between April 7 and April 26 can once again increase the tension. The security of key leaders should be tight during this period.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: It is necessary to tackle terrorism

Transit Saturn will be transiting through the 8th house in the chart of India with Ketu. Saturn-Ketu conjunction will be in front of Mars-Rahu conjunction from 7th May. In such a situation, the period between May 7 and June 22 can be highly toxic and violent. It should also be noted that the charts for both India and Pakistan have Mars in Gemini. Therefore, the entire period up to June 22, which coincides with the Indian general elections, could be quite disruptive and explosive. The government will have to take extra care to control the law and order within the country. Needless to say, the government and the armed forces have to be vigilant in dealing with cross-border terrorism. Otherwise, it will definitely have an impact on the elections.

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