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What Makes Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Extraordinary?

This is the third historic resolution passed in the Communist Party of China’s 100-year political history, following which Chinese leader Xi Jinping will gain popularity and political strength. The Communist Party of China’s proposal is being treated as an unwritten constitution. A new view of the Communist Party’s history and the country’s future plans are mentioned in this resolution.

If we look at Xi Jinping’s horoscope, he was born on June 15, 1953, in Beijing, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. This keeps him focused on a single thought. Aside from that, his horoscope contains a combination of Mercury, Sun, and Mars in Gemini, which makes him determined and analytical. Aside from that, he receives energy and strength from the Sun and Mars.

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In terms of his future, he may have a better time after April 2023 because Jupiter’s transit will be from his place of action, which will be directly in front of Saturn. He may be stronger as a result of his yoga practice.

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