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USA-Taliban Proposed Talks – A Road Never Travelled

USA-Taliban Proposed Talks – A Road Never Travelled

After a lot of acrimony and fierce battles, the USA recently unfurled its intention to engage itself in a constructive process with Taliban, its bête noire. Looking at the natal chart of the USA, it is observed that the country is currently evolving itself from its old stance and forging ties with countries which they deemed as rivals/enemies earlier. Post the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the USA used the armed forces and military intelligence to get rid of Taliban and Al Qaeda extremists, hunted down Osama Bin Laden and killed him after a pitched battle and a well-planned arrangement. The USA and its allies sent forces to keep Taliban at bay and vanquish them from the scene of Afghanistan but after long-drawn battle, the USA has realize the necessity of engaging Taliban into fruitful dialogue process as without which no peace accord and reconstruction of Afghanistan is possible.As per the natal chart of Afghanistan, the country is facing its worst political crisis since they are hugely banking on foreign aids and forces to maintain law and order in the country. In fact, the socio-economic structure Afghanistan is on the verge of a collapse. On the other hand, Taliban continues to carry out subversive activities across the country. Afghanistan is at the threshold of a political crisis and the coming years, at least the period till end of 2017, will be crucial for them.

Afghanistan is in a state of flux due to Saturn’s close proximity with its natal Moon as well as Rahu. Besides, the transit of Saturn through the 1st House will create a political deadlock. The current transit of Jupiter is auspicious for Afghanistan since it is transiting through the 9th House of International Law and Order. Besides, it is currently forming an aspect with the 3rd House of Foreign Treaty and Agreement. Therefore, it can be expected that country may be willing to take the road to development and prosperity through foreign aids and assistance. Astrologically, both the USA and Afghanistan are not compatible as the people at the helm of affairs in Afghanistan may not get along well with their counterparts in the USA government. Afghanistan may not bow down to the pressure tactics by the USA and its allies.

The USA on the other hand may find too difficult to handle Taliban. The proposed peace process may get derailed since Saturn and Rahu are transiting through 3rd House and 9th House of nodal axis. In all likelihood, both parties will fail to form concrete consensus. And for the USA, it will be like choosing between devil and deep sea. The USA is in the process of phasing out its military personnel from the soil of Afghanistan. However, keeping in view of planetary transits and return phases, Ganesha feels that next a few months till mid-2014 will remain crucial for the USA and Afghanistan as their political decisions will intensely affect their relations with each other. It is foreseen that Saturn may create delays and other obstacles in the dialogue process, and no party may be able to come into logical conclusion since there may be some serious conflicts of interests, feels Ganesha.

Now Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, analyses the planetary positions affecting the proposed talks between USA and Taliban.

  • Currently Jupiter is transiting through the 11th House of Gains and over natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun. It signifies success and gains.
  • Transiting Saturn is aspecting the 9th House of Destiny along with Rahu, and this indicates that the USA may encounter obstacles or a rather peculiar problem in convincing others about its intentions as there may be trust deficit or communication gap among the parties involved. The 3rd House connotes the communicative ventures or rapport.
  • Ketu is transiting through the 9th House. This particular planetary movement denotes some struggles during the early stages of talks. However it also denotes positive energies as well if major and sub-period are auspicious.
  • Transit of Jupiter through the 9th House in Afghanistan’s natal chart is auspicious. However, transiting Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can be decisive for them as some amount of unrest and hubbub may prevail in some pockets of Afghanistan since Taliban may try to establish its superiority.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit through the 3rd and 9th House of nodal axis in natal chart of the USA may create confusion among its allies and may also slow down communication with other countries. Misunderstandings may crop up, and as a result, the whole process of dialogue may get delayed or scuttled.

Ganesha concludes that the USA may find it difficult to persuade Taliban to desist from mass killings and unleashing terror across Afghanistan. Taliban may not agree to clauses set by the USA. Ganesha feels that the USA has to be malleable in order to have positive influence over Taliban. The role and functioning of Taliban will determine the fate of Afghanistan in coming days therefore it is very important that the USA is able to bring Taliban to the discussion table and convince them about the fact that they play a very important role in maintaining law and order in the entire country. It should also be conveyed that Taliban must not resort to subversive activities, which will only demean the whole initiative of the government of the USA.

Consequently, Hamid Karzai, the current President of Afghanistan, may sulk at the efforts of USA to engage Taliban in the dialogue process. As a result, Afghanistan – USA relations may become strenuous to an extent. According to Ganesha, next two years will be crucial for Afghanistan and the people of this troubled nation as they will determine the future of the country. There may be forces aiming to disrupt the re-building process of Afghanistan, says Ganesha. Also, the role of both India and Pakistan are going to be very vital in the whole region in coming years.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Basab Bijay Sarkar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team