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The Prospect for U.S. Elections 2008: Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

The Prospect for U.S. Elections 2008: Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are campaigning for the presidential elections in the U.S. Speculations are rising over who will win the election. Ganesha also shares the same interest. He studies the charts of both candidates and tells us who has better chance over the other.

Astrological analysis of BARACK OBAMAs chart

BARACK OBAMA has Libra Ascendant and Venus is placed in the 9th house indicating a strong personality. Sun, the significator of power and authority placed very close to MC is Digbali and indicates wonderful leadership qualities. The Lord of tenth house of career Moon is exalted and forming Gajakesari Yoga with Jupiter suggesting his potential as a leader and ideological facet of his professional character. Yogakaraka Saturn is Vargottama and placed in its own sign with Jupiter in the natal Chart, which makes him a hard worker and gives him stamina. Powerful Saturn is always a boon for a politician. Mars becomes Atmakarka indicating a strong character and Karakamsa becomes Sagittarius. If we apply Karakamsa in Navmansa char,t we find exalted Mercury in the tenth house and Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the 4th house forming a wonderful Rajayoga.

He is currently under the influence of Jupiter-Venus-Saturn period, which will end on 29th January. All the planets are very strong in his chart. So, there is no doubt about his potential as a candidate.

Astrological analysis of HILLARY CLINTONs chart


HILLARY CLINTON also has Libra Ascendant and strong Venus placed in the Ascendant gives her charismatic personality. Yogakaraka Saturn placed exactly over the midheaven looks wonderful and makes her chart significantly strong. She is disciplined and preferring to express carefully her strategies and policies. Adding to this, Moon- the 10th house Lord is in exchange with strong Saturn forming great Rajayoga and gives her endless perseverance. But it also indicates emotional volatility and she is easily irritated. Mars is debilitated but exalted in Navmansa and placed with Saturn in the 10th house giving her drive and ambition, but also signifying repressed anger.

She is currently running Venus-Saturn-Saturn period and both the planets are remarkably powerful and well placed in her chart. But in D-10 chart, Saturn becomes weak which seems to create hurdles in her race for White House.

Planetary influences during the primaries

The Democratic Party’s presidential primaries begin with the Iowa caucus and will continue through June 2008. However, the outcome will probably be determined by March 4 when ten states hold their primaries, including Texas and New York. From an astrological viewpoint, the critical time frame would be from January 7 to March 4, 2008. This phase would be fascinating, and is likely to be full of surprises, comebacks, and strong gesture from candidates, due to retrograde Mars through January 29, and then Mercury is retrograde from January 27 to February 18 along with retrograde Saturn. Under these planetary influences, one might expect a great deal of uncertainty and shifting of voter count.


There is no doubt that we are going to witness a fascinating contest between Obama and Hillary, as both have the natal planetary promises in their charts that facilitate their ambitions. For Hillary, the transiting Sun would be moving in opposition to natal Saturn and also forming square with Rahu, which looks unfavorable. These confusing, depressing, disorienting influences may hamper her progress particularly between 20th January and 13th February. This period may have lasting effects on chances of Hillary to become presidential candidate. HILLARY will have to work very hard to remain in the race as she might be running out of time. She must also ensure her safety and must be placed under tight protection, as the period between August and October is indicating injuries for her.

May Lord Ganesha bless U.S with the right President!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,