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The future of Yediurappa Government

The future of Yediurappa Government

The BJP notched up yet another electoral victory – this time in the South Indian state of Karnataka.Yediyurappa ,the commander of the BJP’s victorious army was sworn in as the chief minister of Karnataka.

The chart of the swearing in ceremony of the BJP government led by Yeddiurappa in Karnataka has Ascendant in mutable sign and Moon also placed in watery mutable sign indicating a somewhat indecisive and tentative approach of the government. The Ascendant Lord Mercury is retrograde and Ketu in the Navmansa Ascendant shows adversities for the government and its adamant nature in implementing policies.

Venus is combust which shows that the government may not have adequate financial resources which, in turn, may hamper the implementation of programmes. But strong Jupiter placed in the 4th house is indicative of welfare plans and policies in the interests of the common people and framers and also of support from the public and like-minded allies. Jupiter’s aspect on the 10th house with Sun and Jupiter are Vargottama which shows that the government will conduct its affairs better than its predecessor.

Mars with Ketu in the 11th house shows some impulsive and hasty steps that might create problems for the government. The government may face problems of internal party feuds and pinpricks from the opposition party due to Mars and Saturn aspect on 2nd house. There will be some internal disputes regarding policies and implementation of programmes after October 2008 which might deepen between March and July 2009. This government may face severe problems around August 2010. So it will not be a smooth sailing for the BJP Government in Karnataka.

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