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Synastry of Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar

Synastry of Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar

On the occasion of Republic day, Ganesha wishes to throw light on the astrological aspects of three great freedom fighters- Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s horoscopes.

Gandhiji was born with Libra Ascendant with Mars, Mercury and Venus, whereas Nehru had Mercury and Venus in Libra. Mercury- the ruler of intellect being in Air sign, both could intelligently handle adverse situations during pre-independence time.

Sardar had Sun in Libra which combines well with Gandhi and Nehru’s Mercury. However, he also had combust Jupiter, retrograde and combust Mercury and Swagruhi Venus in Libra. Though all three of them shared the same objectives, Sardar’s Mercury being retrograde in the same sign as Gandhiji’s Ascendant and Nehru’s Mercury’s sign, he had his own way of tackling issues.

Moreover, Sardar had exalted Mars and Swagruhi Saturn in Capricorn. Mars indicates energy and the sign it occupies indicates the ways and means through which it will express the energies. As indicated above, Gandhi and Nehru’s energies were channelized through intellect whereas in Sardar’s case, it was more of aggression, force and rebel coupled with hard working moments.

Gandhiji’s date of birth is 02-10-1869 which totals down to 9. The number 9 is completely ruled by Mars. Mangal (Mars) is `Senapati’ in Vedic Astrology system. Gandhiji’s goal of life was to fight like a warrior, but his date of birth 2, ruled by Moon was the tool which he used to fight against Britishers. His “Ahinsa Parmo Dharam” Sutra is the outcome of Moon’s softness and kindness. He was compassionate and loving with a lot of driving force within.

Nehru’s date of birth is 14-11-1889 which makes Master Number of 33. This master number makes one a very good guide, which of course he was. Moreover, because the total is 6, he was born to become a `hero’. His date of birth’s total is 5 which is ruled by Mercury. So, he could take logical steps in life which led him to the highest position in India at the time of Independence.

Sardar Vallabhbhai’s date of birth is 31-10-1875, total of which is 8 ruled by Saturn. Therefore, hard work and lot of patience were required to achieve the goal. Because his date of birth total downs to 4, Sardar was a bit unconventional in his thinking as well as actions.

Ultimately, Ganesha feels that because of planetary combinations explained above, all of them had same destination, though the routes varied.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,