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Sonia Gandhi & The Mammoth Task of Revamping The Congress

Attending the Congress Working Committee meeting, Sonia Gandhi reaffirmed her position as Congress’s president. According to her, the party reform can only happen with “unity, self-control, discipline and by keeping the party’s interests paramount”. In her speech, she also asked party members not to communicate with her through the media, sending a message to the party members who are not happy with the lack of a ‘regular party president’.

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Born on Dec 9, 1946, in Luciana Conco, Italy, Gandhi is the president of the country’s oldest party. Her fame can be attributed to Venus, which is in its own sign in her solar chart. If we have a look at upcoming elections, the Transit of Saturn over the natal Saturn will disturb her Jupiter and Venus. This will create troubles for her and Congress, inviting many challenges.

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