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Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip celebrate 60 years of togetherness

Sixty years ago the Prince of Greece and Denmark, Prince Philip married Princess Elizabeth, the heiress to King George VI on 20 November 1947 at 11 am in London. They have recently celebrated their diamond anniversary. Ganesha here studies the horoscopes of both of them to find out what exactly made this couple stay together in a country where getting a divorce after few years of marriage is not a big deal.



Both have same Ascendant that is Sagittarius but the placement of Jupiter in both the charts is indicating vast difference in taste, character and hobbies. In queen’s chart, Jupiter is debilitated and placed in the 2nd house with Saturn. It is a perfect Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. Ketu is placed in the Ascendant. She strictly follows the law and duty and it also explains her ‘stiff’ image. She may be the dominant partner in this relationship. In Prince’s chart, the Lord of 12th house Mars is placed in the 7th house (house of marriage) indicating marriage in the distant place.

The queen is a steady, resolute and stubborn Taurus whereas the Prince is an impatient Gemini. The match does not seem good but it is one of the top combinations found least likely to divorce. Venus of his chart does fall close to her Sun indicating strong affection for each other.

And his vibrant, dynamic Mars and Mercury combination in the 7th house in Gemini in trine to her Venus is also a romantic placing and he encourages her to share social and sporting activities. Though Mars-Mercury conjunction in the 7th house is not desirable and makes him impulsive, demanding, a touch too much oriented towards pleasure. But luckily Mercury- the Lord of 7th house is in its own house so there’s a good deal of joint morale boosting and dynamic enthusiasm between them, which helps smoothing the rough edges.

His Uranus falls over her Venus. So, her emotional sensitivity would be upset by his unexpected absences and tendency to walk his own way. Adding to this, both have Moon Neptune in watery sign Cancer in the 8th house so they are dreamers, good at avoiding facing what they do not want to see. In her chart, the Lord of 7th house Mercury is debilitated and exalted Rahu placed there suggests that good when it is good and cold when it is not. So the temperature in their marriage would be constantly fluctuating.

In the composite chart, they have a Sun Mercury opposition to Jupiter denoting high morals, a good deal of passion for each other and giving an ability to see the bright side and also competitiveness.

Venus is in trine with Moon and Neptune. Therefore, there would be delightful moments and a good deal of easy communication.

But there is a close Mars Saturn opposition in composite chart, which usually indicates a strong conflict and contradiction between the two lifestyles and it usually breeds bitterness on one side or the other over time. Adding to that, this opposition is square to Pluto indicating that at times they must have felt being in a prison. They do not belong to a generation where divorce was easily acceptable.

The chart for their weeding is extremely difficult as the Ascendant Lord is combust and Saturn-Pluto placed in the 8th house in exact opposition to Moon and in exact square with Rahu. It is the chart, which would bring miserable times, enormous stress and require extreme determination to see it through for sixty years.

We congratulate the Royal couple and may Lord Ganesha bless them with the company of each other for more such years to come!

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,