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Will Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s name get muddied in HP land issue? Reads Ganesha.

Will Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s name get muddied in HP land issue? Reads Ganesha.

The ever elusive Gandhi-Nehru family daughter, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is quite a popular face in the Indian Political Arena. Being the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi- the former Indian Prime Minister and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi- the current President of the Indian National Congress, Priyanka has always enjoyed ready attention and limelight. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is also the wife of the Delhi businessman Robert Vadra and is the sister of the Amethi MP and ruling Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi. Though not entirely involved in active politics, Priyanka has often campaigned and conducted rallies in the constituencies of her mother and brother in Rae Bareilly and Amethi, respectively. However, currently, troubles seem to be enveloping Priyanka and her husband Robert, as the State Information Commissions of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana have ordered probes into the land deals involving the couple. Some RTI activist has also filed an RTI plea requesting the details of the properties held by the mother of two, Priyanka in Shimla.

Is this the beginning of the unfolding of a major drama? Robert Vadra himself has been under considerable media and public scrutiny for these unfair land holdings and other such matters, since past few years, but this is virtually first time when Priyanka’s name too has been dragged into these matters. What is causing this? Ganesha first looks at the Solar Horoscope of Priyanka Gandhi, and then at Robert Vadra’s to predict the way ahead for the affluent and influential couple.

Date of Birth :- 12th January, 1972
Time of Birth :- Not Known
Place of Birth :- Delhi, India


  • Currently, Jupiter is transiting over Ketu through the 8th House of Priyanka’s Chart. It is aspecting the planets posited in the 2nd House (Rahu) and 4th House (Mars) and 12th House (Moon) of her Solar Chart, which shall continue till 14th July, 2015.
  • After that, Jupiter will transit through the Sign of Leo. It will be aspecting Venus and the planets in the 1st House (Jupiter, Sun and Mercury) in her Chart.
  • Retrograde Saturn is transiting through the 12th House. It is passing over the natal moon and it is aspecting the Natal Rahu and retrograde Saturn of the Solar Chart till 1st August, 2015.
  • Ketu is transiting over Priyanka’s Natal Mars through the 4th House till January 2016, and then it will transit over her Natal Venus, through the 3rd House in her Solar Chart.

  • As Rahu–Ketu are transiting through the axis of 10th and 4th House respectively and forming a Square aspect with the Lord of the 4th House- Jupiter in the Solar Chart of Priyanka Vadra, the time seems unfavourable and tricky for her, as regards property and possessions. Also, Ketu is transiting over her Natal Mars, the significator of land. All these configurations emphasise that any matter related to the dealings of land may turn out to be problematic for her in this period.
  • The retrograde Saturn is currently transiting through the Sign of Scorpio. It is aspecting Rahu and the retrograde Saturn of Priyanka’s Solar Chart, casting a shadow over the matters related to finances. This shall be intensified between 14th July, 2015 to 1st August, 2015. Under this situation, the current transit of Jupiter over her Natal Ketu, and also its aspects to her Natal Rahu and Mars in her Solar Chart may come to her rescue, somewhat. This planetary position may keep the present situation under some control, and may postpone the matter from any legal proceedings/financial loss, but only till 14th July, 2015.

Ganesha notes that the matter may turn out to be a little bit in favor of Priyanka, post 1st August 2015 when the Jupiter will be in the Leo sign which will be aspecting the Lord of the 11th House Venus as well as the Planets posited in the 1st House, namely Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Besides this, the transit of Saturn will be in direct motion in the chart. As such the impact or the speed of the processing of the matter may slow down and she may get some breathing space to prove defend herself in the issue, if at all she is in the right. Here, the aspect of Jupiter on the natal swagruhi Jupiter, who happens to be the Lord of the 4th House(Land related matters) who is placed in the Ascendant of the Surya Kundli or the Solar Chart, may give much support to shield her and she may get an opportunity to defend herself well.

Ganesha indicates that there are major chances of facing legal action till January 2016 as Ketu is transiting over the Natal Mars through the 4th House and simultaneously Rahu through the 10th House, and they both are forming a square aspect with the Sun, (the significator of politics, impartiality and position), as well as Mercury- the Lord of the 10th House (government/politics related matters). So, if she is not guilty and if she has not indulged in any improprieties, then law and order will put forth their impartial stand in the matter/verdict, and she will get the justice, but she may still have to face a period of adversity. Moreover, the Sun is the Lord of the House of Fortune, so, on many instances, Priyanka’s fortune may not favour her, till January 2016.

Date of Birth :- 18th April, 1969
Time of Birth :- Not Known
Place of Birth :- Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


  • Considering the inter-relation of the planetary positions of the Solar Charts of Robert Vadra and his wife Priyanka, and the effect of the transiting planets on their respective Natal planets in their Solar Charts, Ganesha feels that Mrs Vadra may face great problems/difficulties, involving matters of land/ real estate—in the near future, specifically after 14th July 2015 to August first week.
  • As Ketu is transiting over Robert Vadra’s Natal Rahu and Venus (significator of wife/spouse), through the 12th House in his Chart, and Rahu is transiting over his Natal Jupiter (the Lord of the 12th House (Pisces) in his Solar Chart), through the 6th House of his Chart—his wife may also suffer on this account. Vadra himself may also face troubles in the land and finances related matters.
  • Besides this, the retrograde Saturn is currently transiting over his Natal Mars (the significator of land matters), through his House of misfortune – 8th House. This is not a good indication. Also, the transiting Rahu is creating a negative influence on the retrograde Jupiter in Vadra’s Solar Chart, which is not going to give good results to both Priyanka and Robert, till January 2016.

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With Ganesha’s Grace
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team