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President Nicolas Sarkozy back on love track

President Nicolas Sarkozy back on love track

Recently divorced French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s new love interest is supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni, news reports said recently, after the two were photographed together at Disneyland Paris. The love life of this French President becomes a subject of interest for Ganesha and he takes deep interest in predicting whether marriage is on the cards or not for this couple.

Sarkozy is currently under the influence of Moon Mahadasha and Moon Bhukti. Moon is placed in the 7th house in close conjunction with Mars. Moon-Mars conjunction in the 7th house has played vital role in his divorce with Cecilia.

There have been some controversies for the house to be seen for the second marriage but the ninth house, the third one from the seventh, gives us an important clue.

Future Prediction
In Sarkozy’s case, 9th house Lord Venus is placed in the 3rd house aspecting the 9th house and exalted in the Navmansa, which is a strong indicator of second marriage. 11th house signifies permanent tie of friendship and also plays a major role in second relationship. He is currently running Moon Mahadasha and Moon Bhukti again indicating second marriage. But Moon is in debilitation and also afflicted by Mars. Sarkozy-Bruni, a Disney fairy tale is still in early stage but Sarkozy might seriously think of second marriage. His marriage may take place around October 2008.

May Lord Ganesha guide him in taking this important decision of his life!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,