Nicolas Sarkozy: The New President of France

In the afternoon of 16th May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy- the newly elected French President will take over from Mr. Chirac.

The most important planet in his chart is exalted Saturn, a perfect placement for a managing statesman and die-hard. Mars in tight conjunction with Moon suggests the activist and a man with enterprise. The predominance of Air element amplifies his taste for relations with people of all kinds, new ideas and excellent intellectual capacity. There is a deficiency in Earth as he has no planets placed in the earth signs except for the Ascendant which indicates that he is not much interested in material and concrete values. Maybe, he lives too much in his heart or mind, or even enthusiasm! The fact remains that he can end up in delicate situations due to a lack of good sense or carefulness. He is rather idealistic, dreamy or easily content.

He is a conservative politician with Jupiter Vargottama and strong Uranus denoting him innovative and revolutionary ideas.

He is currently passing through the Sun-Venus-Mars period. Venus is exalted in the Navmansa chart. The transiting Jupiter passing through the 9th house from natal Moon and Mars over the natal Venus suggests a progressive period for the fiery statesman.

He will be under the influence of Moon Mahadasha from January 2008. Moon is in debilitation in Navmansa and in tight conjunction with Mars in natal chart placed in the 7th house. One of the big questions in the year 2008 will be whether he will be able to control his abrasive style to play the traditional unifying role of the president of France or not. It seems difficult. He may come out with some tough measures in issues like illegal immigration and may raise his voice in EU to form a strong forum. Such steps can affect American global interests and consequently influence the French-American relationship.

It is for sure that his tenure as a French President will be hyperactive, controversial and innovative!!!!!!!!!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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