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Prashant Kishor – Know What Lies Ahead For Him

Well, Prashant Kishor is an interesting figure in Indian politics as during his political career, he has shuttled between different political parties like BJP, JD (U), TMC, etc and enjoyed being a prominent face in each of them. Now, the speculation is rife that Prasant Kishor may join the Indian National Congress. Several Congress leaders seem averse to the idea of giving an important post to Prashant Kishor as soon as he enters the party. However, the chief Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi appear willing to provide a good position to Kishor in Congress, as per the speculation. The final decision in this regard will be taken by Sonia Gandhi. If we study Prashant Kishor’s horoscope, it is found that he may face a struggling phase in the coming months. Read on to know more about the future of Prashant Kishor:

As per the information on the internet, Prashant Kishor is born on Mar 20 1977. So, in his horoscope, as Moon and Mercury are together, it has made him all the more special. We know that the massive victory of the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections depended a lot on the strategy devised by Prashant Kishor. As Venus and Ketu are together in his horoscope, so he is frequently into the news. At times, he even gets drawn into controversies. If he can strengthen his Venus, the coming situations will turn favourable for him. Besides, he will be again in the headlines in the phase post-Jul 2022.

Kishor began his political journey in 2014 with BJP. Thereafter, he joined Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) and was even appointed the vice-president of the party. Kishor also sided with Mamata Banerjee in the 2021 West Bengal Lok Sabha elections. He also was a special advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. Lately, he had announced quitting politics. But now he may join the Congress.

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