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Power Games for Shri Karunanidhi: Astrological Analysis

Power Games for Shri Karunanidhi: Astrological Analysis

Shri Karunanidhi has Cancer rising in the Ascendant, which is one of the prominent rising signs amongst Indian politicians.

In his chart, Saturn and Mars are exalted and placed in the Kendra forming Shash yoga and Ruchak yoga. Placement of both the planets is powerful thus forming Rajayoga. Yogakraka Mars is forming Ruchak Yoga and aspecting the 10th house (house of authority) making him a very strong politician. Mars becomes more important as it is the lord of Moon’s Nakshatra Mrigshira in his case and also the lord of Nakshatra Saturn in which Mars is placed is also exalted, which denotes him supreme authority. Saturn always plays a significant role in the field of politics. Powerful Saturn in Kendra gives him superb diplomatic abilities and long vision that is essential for any successful political leader. Mercury the Lord of 3rd house is placed in the 10th house (house of profession). We all know he has started his career as a scriptwriter. He holds the record of winning every election that he fought in his political career spanning over 60 years.

Mars is the Atmakarka planet in his chart and Karakamsa becomes Virgo. From Karakamsa Lagna, exalted Moon is placed in the 9th house with Sun, Venus is placed in the 10th house; Mars is placed in the 5th house and exlated Saturn is in the 2nd house respectively. The Karakamsa Chart becomes so powerful confirming wonderful success in his field of activities.

In his chart, the Lord of 9th house Jupiter is well placed in natal chart but debilitated in Navmansa and retrograde as well. Those with retrograde planets often respond in an unusual way and that is why his religious beliefs are unorthodox which is clearly indicated in his controversial statement about Ramsetu recently. The retrograde Jupiter makes him take an exaggerated “opposite” stance to whatever that triggers discomfort and anxiety amongst the society.

Currently he is running Venus-Venus-Moon period. Venus and Moon are placed well in both D-9 and D-10 charts. The transiting Jupiter is also moving favorably in the 5th house of his natal chart giving a rosy picture but transiting Saturn in Leo and Rahu in the Aquarius in square with Natal Sun and Moon are indicating a few hindrances and confrontation with authority that are ignited by his controversial “Bandh” call. Despite all the criticism, he will still continue to wield power till mid August 2008. But the period between September 2008 and February 2009 seems tricky for his political career and he might decide to step down in favor of someone else who can be his son.

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