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Nicholas Sarkozy’s divorce

Nicholas Sarkozy’s divorce

An expected divorce of the French President Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife Cecilia (2nd marriage for both) has recently been announced.

The conservative politician Nicholas has Virgo Ascendant with Mars placed in the 7th house (house of marriage) indicating more than one relationship and disputes in married life. Adding to this, the Lord of 7th house Jupiter is placed with debilitated Ketu deteriorating the problems further. There is no wonder in his separation and divorce in both the marriages.

In Cecilia’s case, the Lord of 7th house Saturn is placed in the 5th house without any severe affliction but Mars is placed in the 4th house with Rahu and it is aspecting the 7th house indicating terrible confrontation in married life.

Nicolas is currently under the influence of Sun-Venus-Saturn period. Cecilia is currently under the influence of Venus-Moon-Saturn period. Saturnine influences in relationships have major obstacles and Saturn’s cold hand descend the relationship.

The composite charts Sun conjunct Venus signifies true love. So, there was also a good deal of affection and a spirit of adventure between them in the good times. But Cecilia has Sun in Scorpio and Nicholas has in Aquarius. They often live apart even when they are together. Note that Nicholas’s Saturn is in conjunction with Cecilia’s Sun marking a difference in social status, age and distance in general. From the very beginning, Cecilia Sarkozy refused to be just ‘Nicolas’ wife’.

Upheavals and family changes were on the cards.

We wish the couple all the luck for their future endeavors.

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