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Modi’s fate as BJP’s campaign committee chairman

Modi’s fate as BJP’s campaign committee chairman

Due to his penchant for courting controversies, Narendra Modi has always attracted attention (sometimes unwanted) in the Indian political scenario. The spotlight is again on Modi, after he got elected as the head of the BJP’s election campaign committee for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The appointment of Modi at the helm of BJP’s campaign for gaining power at the Centre ruffled many a feathers, within the NDA, and even BJP itself was not insulated from this move. First, L.K.Advani, who literally build the party from scratch, made his displeasure known, on being sidelined and Modi being elevated in the party at his expense, by resigning from all the party posts he held. Although, he subsequently was persuaded to withdraw his resignation, the tone had been already set. Elevation of Modi as BJP’s de facto Prime Ministerial face triggered the split of NDA, with JD(U), led by Nitish Kumar, calling off the alliance. Keeping in mind such dramatic developments, Ganesha analyses this bold move by the BJP top brass, and determines whether the gamble of projecting Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate will pay dividends or not.

BJP president Rajnath Singh declared Narendra Modi as the head of the party’s campaign committee for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls on 09th June 2013 at 1.30pm. The above event occurred under Virgo Ascendant and its Lord Mercury is Swagruhi (in own sign) in the 10th House of success and position. Additionally, major planetary strengths have accumulated in the 10th House. Apart from these favourable signs, Mars Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha is currently running in this event chart. Natal Ketu signifies the 8th House of obstructions. This signifies a ruffled path towards achieving desired success. This can also be termed as encountering delays or difficulties in achieving the set goals and targets. Sustained hard work, systematic planning and patience is needed by Mr Modi, in order for him to justify his elevation.

As per his birth chart, Mr. Modi will be under the influence of Moon and Mars Dasha cycle from August 2013. Considering both the charts, Ganesha feels that Modi will put more emphasis on issues such as Hindutva and economic growth. He will also be highly calculative and will also be acclaimed as a good strategist. Rahu and Saturn in the 2nd House of event chart indicates aggression in speech. He is likely to use fiery speeches in various conferences, meetings and rallies. Perhaps, some of his speeches may also create major controversial issues. Additionally, Modi may become more dominant and authoritative. His dominance in Indian politics will polarize major votes in the favour of BJP. Summarily, his tenure as the campaign committee head may prove to be rewarding for BJP, feels Ganesha.

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Malav Bhatt,