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Lisbon Treaty may not create a rosy picture for EU

Lisbon Treaty may not create a rosy picture for EU

Change is the only constant in the world and European Union has well recognized this fact as the 27-nation union is faced with fresh challenges in the name of globalization, terrorist attacks, climate change, demographic shifts and dearth of energy sources. The challenges have forced European nations to bury the borders and come together on a common ground to fight against the modern evils. And Lisbon Treaty is just the logical extension of EU’s efforts to deal with such issues.

The Treaty signed by the Heads of State or Government of the 27 Member States in Lisbon on 13 December 2007 to provide the EU with modern institutions and optimized working methods to tackle both efficiently and effectively the modern challenges.

The chart of the Lisbon Treaty (revised EU Constitution) at first glance looks good and progressive with Yogakaraka Venus placed in the 9th house. Jupiter is also placed well in the 11th house but is combust and placed with Pluto, which is going to aggravate the situation. And the autocratic Uranus in opposition to Ascendant Lord Saturn squaring Mercury and Midheaven doesn’t suggest stability. In fact, it hints at rebel to come.

The Saturn-Ketu conjunction in the 7th house is suggesting strong differences between the allies. When European leaders reached agreement on the new rules, they were thinking of the political, economic and social changes going on, and the need to live up to the hopes and expectations of the European public. The exchange between Lord of 10th house Mars and 5th house Lord Mercury looks good and promises to fulfil these expectations but Mars being retrograde may hamper the progress and hence the organisation may not be able to fulfil the motive.

The treaty will not be applicable until and unless it is accepted by each of the EU’s 27 members and now it is up to each country to choose the procedure for ratification, in line with its own national constitution. The target date for ratification set by member governments is 1 January 2009, some months before the elections to the European Parliament. But there will be a huge road block and major arguments regarding the structure and motives of the organisation, which might lead to change in the structure. There will be rectification or amendments in the constitution again due to internal disputes around March 2009. Then from 2010, there will be a power struggle between the UK and EU on internal level. In 2011 and 2012 major upheaval is predicted in the relationship and there will be hardly any happy relationship time. So by the year 2013, there won’t be a relationship, as UK might be bailing out early.

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