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Karnataka Assembly election prediction

The transiting Rahu will be moving with the Sun, retrograde Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th house of Karnataka state foundation horoscope. The transiting Moon will be in the 8th house with Saturn. It indicates “Change and Chaos”. At the same time, it indicates a very close contest and neck to neck competition in many constituencies. The winning margin will be very narrow. The gap of total winning seats between BJP and Congress will also remain narrow. The influence of transiting Rahu will be very prominent during this election. Rahu is the planet of illusion, and it also has the potential to swing the vote in favour of one party. So, the results of some important seats can be highly unexpected.

The ruling BJP might lose some important seats and its overall tally may remain below its current seats, on the other hand, Congress may improve its performance with some addition in its current seat tally. The third-party JD(S) might not be able to hold its position. So, some new political equation may emerge after the election result. The state is heading for a politically unstable and uncertain phase. The Election Result Day chart favours the opposition party Congress more.

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