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Is Rahul Gandhi PM Material?

Is Rahul Gandhi PM Material?


Born into a political dynasty, Rahul Gandhi is the son of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He is currently a Member of Parliament from the Amethi constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Under the current political scenario in India many Indian people look up to Rahul as a future Prime Minister of India including a majority of congress workers.Ganesha takes a look at whether his planets support him to become India’s PM, anytime in the future

DOB – June 19, 1970
TOB – 05:50
POB – New-Delhi


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The tenth house has been considered for the possibility of someone becoming the Head of the State. Notice that Guru, the lord of Rahul’s tenth house, is inconjunct to its own house receiving malefic aspects of Rahu and Shani. This is the first weak point, afflicting and weakening Guru, thus reducing his chances of becoming the PM.
Secondly, observe that the Cuspal Sub Lord of the tenth house is Budha who is placed in the twelfth house of losses, another malefic influence.

As per the cusp chart, Shani, becomes the lord of the tenth house and as Shani is debilitated, it also loses strength to support Rahul Gandhi in becoming the PM.
Surya, the significator of the Head of the State, is in Baal Avastha. Guru, the lord of the tenth house (as per the Nirayan system), is in Baal Avastha. As per the Cusp system, Shani, the lord of the tenth house, is in Vriddha Avastha. Thus in this manner too he has no strong planetary support of becoming the Head of the State.

As per the chalit system, Rahu, is in the tenth house which definitely does not support him coming to power but supports him to become a strong opposition leader.

Ganesha thus feels that though he has political inclinations and nature of becoming the PM of India, his planetary positions will not support him.

Wishing him good luck.

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Ganesha’s Grace
Rikhav Khimasia