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Ganesha tells Shashi Tharoor to watch his words

Ganesha tells Shashi Tharoor to watch his words

Shashi Tharoor, recently appointed minister of state for external affairs, began courting controversy even before he took his first baby steps in Indian politics. The Twitter-friendly seasoned diplomat, writer and columnist made an alleged faux pas, which has ruffled many a feather in the Congress.

When he was asked on social networking site Twitter, if he too would travel economy class like other Congress members sworn to austerity, Tharoor had tweeted in reply, ”Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows!” The intellectual in him probably overlooked the implications of using in a lighter vein, terms like ‘cattle’ and ‘holy cows’, which roused ‘true blood’ Bhartiyas to uncontrolled fury.

Much brouhaha has been made over the minister’s remark, forcing him to post an apology for his remark. While Tharoor called it a ”silly statement”, he maintains he did not mean to disrespect the thousands of economy-class travellers.

Although the matter is now being given a quiet burial by the Congress, the media seems to be in no mood to close down the issue. In this light, Ganesha takes a look at Tharoor’s horoscope to analyse his future in Indian politics.

DoB: 9th March, 1956
PoB: London
ToB: Unknown

Astro Analysis

  • Lord of the 6th House, Moon, is posited in Shravana Nakshatra in the 12th House (of Saturn), which bestows knowledge and intelligence. Mercury, Lord of the 8th House, is posited in Ganishta Nakshatra in Saturn’s multrikun raashi, which makes Tharoor a sharp bureaucrat and an innovative thinker.
  • Conjunction of Mercury and Sun bestows him with confidence. Centrally located Ketu, Sun, Saturn and Rahu in the minister’s natal chart create neechbhang rajyoga.
  • In Tharoor’s natal chart, Saturn is aspecting Moon. Sun and Mercury are in conjunction, which create budha-aditya yog. Both Jupiter and Sun are aspecting each other. It is because of these favourable planetary aspects that he became a successful author.
  • During Rahu’s maha dasha, Mercury’s antar dasha and Saturn’s pratyantar dasha, Tharoor joined the staff of United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Geneva in 1978. Rahu is posited in Jyestha Nakshatra in the 10th House. Mercury is the Lord of the 5th and the 8th House. Tharoor became a prominent public figure during this dasha bukhti. The former diplomat has enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle because Jupiter aspects yogkarak Venus.
  • When he got the ticket to contest the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Tharoor was under the influence of Saturn’s maha dasha, antar dasha of yogkarak Venus and pratyantar dasha of Moon (Lord of the 6th House). He won the elections because of the beneficial dasha bhukti.

What next for Tharoor?
Currently, Tharoor is under the influence of Saturn’s maha dasha, Venus’s antar dasha and pratyantar dasha of Rahu. This period will remain till 21st January, 2010. He will gain immense popularity in politics during this period.

From 13th August, 2011 to 25th July, 2012, he will remain under the influence of maha dasha of Saturn and pratyantar dasha of Sun (Lord of the 7th House). During this period, he will prove his mettle as a politician.

Keeping in mind the recent controversy he was embroiled in, Ganesha cautions Tharoor against expressing his thoughts openly as Jupiter, Lord of the 2nd House (of speech), is aspecting Sun.

Remedy: Shashi should worship Lord Vishnu and recite the following mantra:

II Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay II

Ganesha’s Grace,
Prakash Pandya