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Ganesha foresees hurdles for Govinda in politics

Ganesha foresees hurdles for Govinda in politics

The Hero No. 1 of Bollywood, Govinda has made the audiences roll out of their seats with his comedy films. He started his acting career in 1986 and the journey from then is long but successful. He joined politics in 2004 and has made a comeback into films with his latest film “Partner” earning rave reviews at box office. Ganesha predicts his future here.

Govinda was born on 21st December 1963 with rising Aries Ascendant. His birth star i.e. Nakshatra is Dhanishtha 4th Pada. The Nakshatra Lord and Ascendant Lord is Mars. His name is relatively correct for his Moon sign Aquarius. In his birth chart Natural benefic planet Jupiter is lord of 9th house and is forming reverse (Viprit) Rajyoga, which is indeed very good. Jupiter has rendered a stable success to Govinda. Till today, he has not looked behind.

Govinda's Birth Chart

Looking at his birth chart, Ganesha notes that he has Swagruhi Saturn in the tenth house, which is forming Shash Yog and it is lord of 10th house. Saturn, which is the significator of politics, denotes advancement and growth in political field. Saturn is Atmakaraka which indicates that he is totally under the positive influence of Saturn planet.

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In 2004 the Lord of tenth as well as eleventh house of fulfilment transiting Saturn was passing over Natal Rahu. At the same time transiting Rahu was passing through Ascendant. By considering Chandra Kundali, transiting Rahu was moving through third house, which is naturally good. Thus, he joined the Congress party, and was elected in the Lok Sabha, the lower House of Parliament from Mumbai with a thumping majority of beating the 5 time sitting MP by over 50000 votes.

Furthermore, Ganesha observes that the 9th house is strong in his chart. The Sun which is lord of fifth house and Mars the lord of lagna (ascendant) are located in 9th house. This means the Lord of fifth and the Lord of ninth house is in same house which is forming Parashariya Rajyoga which is extremely fortunate.

The association of Saturn and Venus in 10th house and Capricorn is value giving a thought. This is an indication of everlasting success by all manners and means. Venus is keeping him away from valueless disputes and making him devoted in the direction of his family. Additionally, the 4th house represents property and mother. This is being aspected by lord of lagna Mars and lord of 9th house Jupiter. The association of these two planets provide him glory, prosperity and mother’s blessings. Govinda has Aquarius Moon sign while Amitabh has Aquarius Lagna Ascendant. Both are influenced by Saturn. Saturn is the planet which gives slow and positive success. The placement of Rahu and Ketu is favourable which is promising win situation continually. This is a favourable situation. Presently transiting Rahu is passing through eleventh house of fulfilment which is fruitful for him till April 2008 in general. The transiting Jupiter is also moving favourably in the 9th house of his natal chart which is good for his prosperity.

Presently, transiting Mars is in trine aspect with Natal Moon till end of April 2008. The trine aspect is all the more dynamic and harmonious which is beneficial for wealth. He may get handsome amount during said period. After April 2008, transiting Rahu will pass through twelfth house from Moon, which is naturally inauspicious for him. However, Rahu is exalted in birth chart, which will keep away all hurdles from his career. But this unfavourable position will be definitely responsible for expenses. In brief, next year will be suitable for him and will be result oriented. He may get pleasure from his good health during 2008 as well. There may not be any major illness. Ganesha feels that the next year 2008 would not be as favourable as he has expected in matters related to politics. He might face some hurdles in his political career.

Ganesha wishes him a very happy and delightful birthday. May God grant all his wishes!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,