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Gandhiji: An analysis by Chakra System

Gandhiji: An analysis by Chakra System

It has been a continuous effort by Astrologers to interpret charts using different methods and innovative ideas. The indulgent readers must view my interpretation of Mahatma Gandhiji’s personality in the light of the Chakra system.

The human energetic system is composed of a vertical energetic axis, which runs through our spine from the region between the genitals and the anus up to the top of our head. This is our main energetic channel, which is called the Sushumna Nadi. On this channel, there are seven energetic centers at different levels which are called “Chakras” corresponding our link to the “truth” and the universe.

These Seven chakaras are Sahasrara chakra, Muladhara chakra, Swadisthana chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Visshuda chakra, and Ajna chakra.Planets that are placed in the area of any particular chakra will influence that chakra in accordance with their nature and the side of the nodal axis where they are situated.

Explanations: In the table below there are the planets that, by birth, activate the lunar side of each chakra on the right and the solar side of each chakra on the left.

Chakra Left Side Right side
Root chakra or Muladhara
Sexual chakra orSwadisthana Saturn Moon
Solar chakra or Manipura Venus,Mars Neptune
Heart chakra or Anahata Sun, Mercury Jupiter, Pluto
Throat chakra or Visshuda Sun, Mercury Jupiter, Pluto
Forehead chakra or Ajna Sun, Mercury Uranus
Crown chakra or Sahasrara The link to the spiritual world to God.

Sun is placed in the Left side of Heart chakra or Anahata provided him high quality energy of Anahata Chakra by birth and also received from others. Due to this energy, he was able to maintain a balance between worldly attachments, pleasures, honors and humiliations.

Mercury is also placed with Sun, which provided him mental receptivity and thus he was easily animated and fascinated by explicit information, either read by him or heard from others. He was no doubt a human encyclopedia.

Jupiter is placed in the right side of Anahata, which made him capable to accumulate power and energy of this Anahata and use the energy wisely for spiritual enlistment.The placement of Pluto with Jupiter is also significant in this regard. It has raised his interest in occult and religion.

Venus is placed in the left side of Solar chakra or Manipura has gifted him an enormous self- confidence, love for all human kind and creatures on this earth. And look at the Mars with the Venus. It made him absolutely fearless, energetic and full of enthusiasm.

Neptune in the right side of solar chakra or Manipura made him capable to use the energy of Manipura for spiritual progress.

Saturn is placed in the left side of Sexual chakra or Swadisthana thus giving him a power of restrain and control over the sexual energy. His theory and beliefs about Brhamacharya were well known.
Moon is placed in the right side of Swadisthana bestowing deep feelings and a clear inner perspective on the sexual energies.

The strong Manipura and Anahata had great bearing on the influence Gandhiji wields amongst the masses.

I salute the great spiritual political leader- “the architect of Ahimsa, Brahmacharya and Satya.”

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,