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Elections 2007- Gujarat

Elections 2007- Gujarat

In order to analyse prospects and scenario of individuals, one may first take into consideration Natal chart of Gujarat when formed on 1st May 1960. The Ascendant is Gemini (Mithun rasi) indicating intense vocal expression. Besides, this also denotes the merchant/commercial predominance amongst Gujarati community.

As of now, we have been witnessing rapid growth of the state under visionary and able stewardship of CM Narendra Modi. I will here take a peripheral view of planetary transits in Natal chart of Gujarat. Herein, transit of Shani in Simha rashi and in turn passing through 3rd house assumes significance.

Now before dwelling further over this, one sort of unique planetary position draws attention. Shani will be in trine aspect of transiting Guru till it enters Simha rashi. Soon after its entry in Simha rashi, it will again be in trine aspect of Guru transiting through Dhan rashi during the year 2008.

Ganesha feels that transit of Shani after mid of July signifies some sort of major change. More MOU are likely to be signed inducing higher growth. The state will be under influence of Budh Mahadasha for many years to come. However, now there will be a sort of cautious approach from concerned quarters. Transiting Guru will keep optimism alive. Overall, the pace of growth is likely to be maintained in consequent couple of years.

Now let us view scenario for 2007elections. Last elections were held in December 2002. This year they are likely to be held around November. Shani had entered Mithun rashi around elections in the year 2002. This time also it will be in initial stages in Simha rashi.

Here, let us have a close look at birth chart of Shree Narendra Modi. During last elections, he was under the influence of Shukra Mahadasha. Shukra, being Lord of Ascendan,t provided a favourable outcome for him. Narendra Modi is currently under the influence of Ravi Mahadasha which started from around August 2006. He will be under the influence of Rahu Antardasha in Mahadasha of Ravi from 09/10/2007 till 01/09/2008. According to “Ritu charka”, influence of 10th house and subsequent effect of planetary transit will remain in force till 15th November, 2007. Then influence of 11th house will commence. Transiting Guru will have influence over 11th house and planets placed therein.

This indicates that he is likely to get carried away by yes man around him. They may exaggerate the positive outcome and thus the ground realities may be overlooked. The word of caution here is to look into details personally and not rely too much on cronies, who are there to cheer up when tide is in your favour. The 2007 elections may test his level of compatibility and also his ability to manage things effectively. A new relationship is likely to take shape from August 2007 onwards. This may make or mar his scope to win the elections. He needs to handle this relationship with due care. Shree Narendra Modi needs to keep his guard up and remain alert against any major lapses which may affect his prospects.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,