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Close combat between Livingstone & Boris

Close combat between Livingstone & Boris

Every four year, political avenues of London are in the buzz as the London mayoral election for the office of Mayor of London takes place every 4 years. The first election was in May 2000 and the second election was in June 2004. The next mayoral election is scheduled for 1 May 2008. Labour Party has selected Ken Livingstone as their mayoral candidate, and Conservative Party has announced the name of Boris Johnson as its candidate. Ganesha would like to give an astrological analysis of this political battle.

Ken Livingstone, controversial mayor of London, is the Labour party candidate for Mayor of London. He will be under the influence of Saturn-Mercury period on polling day. Saturn along with Mercury is placed in the 6th house and Mercury becomes strong in its own sign. The transiting Jupiter in trine with Venus and Moon looks favorable for him. But the transiting Saturn is the root cause of concern for him. He is currently passing through the middle phase of Sadeshati, which might create tough conditions for him in this election.

Boris Johnson has a very strong chart as Mercury is Atmakarka and in exchange with Venus made him King’s scholar and very much responsible for making him Shadow Minister for Higher Education before chosen as the Conservative Party’s candidate. Sun-Rahu-Mercury conjunction and Venus-Mercury exchange give him superb communicative skills and largely responsible for making him front bench spokesman. Currently he is passing through a favorable transit of Jupiter aspecting the Sun, Mercury, Rahu and trine to natal Jupiter. He looks very strong candidate and surely capable to challenge Ken’s position in this elections.

The chart for this year’s elections for London’s Mayor and nearly 200 local governments in various parts of the UK, due to take place on 1st May, shows a significant configuration. This suggests something important about money, resources, land and property. It also indicates some harmonious revolutions. People may talk about new leadership and strong government.

Ken and Boris’ chart suggests an interesting and fierce battle for power. Although Boris has edge over Ken, it won’t be so easy for him to gain power. It may come down to second preference voting. Boris may fare better than Mr Norris, who in 2004 has suffered in the elections.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,