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Chandra Shekhar – blessed with Raj Yog

Chandra Shekhar – blessed with Raj Yog

India has recently lost its 9th prime minister, Chandra Shekhar Singh. While the country mourns over his sad demise, Ganesha gives astrological analysis of his political career.

Chandra Shekhar was born in a farmer family in Ibrahimpatti, a small town of eastern Uttar Pradesh. In the beginning of his political career, Shekhar was influenced by Acharya Narendra Dev, a Socialist leader.

Shekhar was born in 1927 in Aries Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant Mars, situated with Rahu in the 3rd house. Sun, the significator of authority and Saturn the significator of politics are Vargottama denoting his long vision, diplomatic skills and the charismatic personality. He was well-known for his ideology.

To determine career graph, we should also see the Arudha Lagna. In his case Leo becomes the Arudha Lagna and Sun the Arudha Lagna Lord is exalted and Vargottama clearly suggest authority and power.

Indira Gandhi not only expelled this Young Turk of Congress but also got him arrested during the national emergency in 1975. He was then under the influence of Saturn-Moon period and the Transiting Saturn in square with natal Sun and Moon. Transiting Rahu, separated from natal Saturn, the Lord of 10th house and entering Libra approached the natal Moon. He could not compromise with his beliefs and as a result got isolated.

He founded Samajwadi Janata Party (Rashtriya), (Socialist People’s Party (National)) in 1977 when he was under the influence of Saturn-Mars period. The transiting Jupiter was moving in the 9th house from natal Moon over Mars. Mars, the Lord of Ascendant placed with Rahu had initiated the move.

He won election to the Lok Sabha eight times from Ballia in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The only election that he lost was in 1984, when he was under the influence of middle phase of Sadeshati and transiting Rahu was in the 8th house from the natal Moon.

He became the PM of India unexpectedly on November 10, 1990. It was very surprising as he was under the influence of Mercury-Moon-Venus period and Mercury is debilitated placed in the 12th house. But debilitated planets in or ruling the Dusthanas can give Raj Yog. This was the perfect example of that rule as Mercury is the Lord of 3rd and 6th house and both the houses are Dusthanas. The transiting Jupiter was moving in Cancer aspecting the 10th house (house of power and authority) was also favorable for him. If we see the D-10 chart, Mercury is placed in the Ascendant, Moon in 10th house and Venus is exalted in the 3rd house. Moreover, Moon is Vargottama. In Jaimini, he was running Aquarius Mahadasha with Atmakaraka Jupiter situated there and Amatyakarak Saturn placed in the 10th house from Aquarius, which formed the Raja Yoga for him. Though Mercury is debilitated, it has 5 Bindu in Pisces in Astakavarga.

Holding the office of Prime Minister for only seven months, Shekhar resigned on March 6, 1991 after the Congress Party withdrew support. He was then under the influence of Mercury-Mars-Mars period and Mars is placed in the 8th house of D-10 chart with Rahu and in Navmansa Mars is afflicted by debiliated Rahu. So result was against him.

He was sidelined after year 1999 in the Mahadasha of Ketu as Ketu Dashas can bring disillusionment with the material world and a lack of motivation.

Shekhar died at the age of 80 in New Delhi on July 8, 2007. He was running Ketu-Venus period. Venus became Maraka planet for Aries Ascendant.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K. Thakar