Will China Become More Powerful Than USA In The Years To Come?

Will China Become More Powerful Than USA

It is said that the existence of nations is an inescapable reality in the socio-political dynamics of our planet Earth. Ideally speaking, countries are segments of humanity, which have come to exist to address the vast diversity of humankind. It is easier to decentralise the centres of power so that the management of the world becomes easier and better. However, some see this scenario quite differently. Citizens’ excessive pride for the nation has led to the emergence of strong nationalism or even aggressive nationalism. While the purpose of the countries should be to increase the quality of life of their people, in actual practice, nations have come to compete & combat each other.

Indeed, the history of the world is replete with instances of wars, cold wars, armed conflicts, and so on. Things have indeed changed after World War -2. Colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, etc. have passed into history, but we have a long way to go before we can actualise world peace. Well, in the present situation, nations are competing with each other. And one of the most dominating contest is between the United States of America (USA or US) and the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China or China). These two countries are vying for world supremacy in various areas, including Economy and military abilities.

Well, much has been speculated about China as an emerging superpower. It is felt that the rise of China is posing a severe threat to the supremacy of US, which has been called world’s superpowers following the disintegration of the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in the early 1990s. Can China surpass the US in defence & economic development in the years to come? Will there be two superpower countries soon?

China V/S USA Superpowers, here is what Ganesha has predicted:

China – Good As A Friend, Worst As Enemy

Astrologically speaking, China has the last of the Earth sign Capricorn as Ascendant. So, the Chinese are keen to acquire knowledge. They can be useful as friends and the worst as enemies. The Capricorn does not tolerate dissent.

The USA Has Benefited From Immigration

On the other hand, the USA has a fire sign Leo as ascendant. Lions tend to be royal and graceful in their conduct. They like to dominate and have enough energy to fulfil their ambitions. There are four planets in their 11th House. This position leads to accepting people from around the world. The USA has benefited by the incoming of immigrants.

China May Face Obstacles

As per the planets, China will have a challenging time to maintain its pace of progress. The significant projects over which China wants to work to establish its superiority are unlikely to be successful. Some constraint will hold China from moving ahead on the road to progress. At the same time, Astrology predicts that China may take concrete steps for the welfare of its masses.

Trade War With China May Adversely Impact USA’s Economy

The movement of Saturn in the USA’s chart may cause a natural calamity for the country, which may cause heavy losses. USA’s trade war with China can harm the USA’s economy. Besides, several countries may oppose the USA’s trade policy.

To Sum Up

Overall, both countries are passing through a critical and decisive phase. Both countries will face demanding situations. China’s growth will accelerate after November 2021 and USA’s growth will get a boost around the same time. Though China looks strong, it may not be able to topple the USA as the premier and the most potent country soon.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Acharya Bharat Ji
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team