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Blame These Planets For The End Of Angela Merkel’s Era!

Angela Merkel, known as the leader of the free world, steps down as Chancellor after a historic 16 years in power. On Nov 22, 2005, she became Germany’s first female chancellor.

Over the 16 years, she was praised for growing Germany’s prestige and influence, attempting to unite a fractious European Union, managing several crises, and serving as a role model for women. In place of Angela Merkel, Germany’s parliament has elected Olaf Scholz as the new chancellor of Germany.

What could be the main reason behind this? Are planets responsible for this big change in Angela Merkel’s life? What will be the future of Angela? Let’s have a look at her solar chart.

What’s Next For Her?
Born in Hamburg, Germany, on July 17, 1954, Angela Merkel has exalted Saturn in Libra. She is Virgo and has Mercury in its own sign Gemini. At the same time, there is a conjunction of Mars and Rahu, which creates Angarak Dosha.

Due to the presence of all these yogas in her solar chart, She emerged as a strong lady. Because of Mercury, she was smart and was able to thoroughly analyse all the situations.

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Although these days in Angela Merkel’s horoscope, seven out of 9 planets were placed unfavourably in the 6th and 8th house. So, this might be the reason behind her stepping down as chancellor. Her upcoming time might be challenging in terms of health, too. Angela’s stepping down as Chancellor is considered the end of the political era.

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