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Kejriwal Should Make the Best of the Time Till January 2016; Rahu may upset the Apple-Cart Later On!

Kejriwal Should Make the Best of the Time Till January 2016; Rahu may upset the Apple-Cart Later On!

Kejriwal Should Make the Best of the Time Till January 2016; Rahu may upset the Apple-Cart Later On!
Kejriwal Should Make the Best of the Time Till January 2016

He may continue being eccentric even in Future due to the Combination of the Moon and Debilitated-Retrograde Saturn, but due to strong planetary combinations he may enjoy a longer innings…

He is difficult to understand, hard to decode, yet he is a person who has managed to grab our attention right from the time he joined the social services arena. Arvind Kejriwal has rose phenomenally to achieve the position of the Chief Minister of New Delhi, and his success story surely makes for a very interesting and intriguing read. Very few people would be adventurous and daring enough to leave a grand job and join the stream that leads to change. A Mechanical Engineering Graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Kejriwal worked for the Indian Revenue Services (IRS) as a Joint Commissioner of the Income Tax Department. He was awarded the Ramon Magsasay Award in 2006 for Emergent Leadership in recognition of his involvement in a grassroots movement – Parivartan. Launching the Aam Aadmi Party in 2012, the former lieutenant of Anna Hazare, went on to become a thorn in the flesh for the Congress Party with a relentless fiery assault-style campaign against the party which was already facing the ire of the public for its corruption friendly governance. But after the emergence of his fledgling party as a prominent force in the state elections of Delhi in 2013, he went on to form the government (though just a 49-day one) with the support of the same party (Congress), against whom the initial flames of fire were being directed at and this ruffled a lot of feathers. A lot of things have changed afterwards, be it the political relations, equations, the government, the leaders and the scenario. Now, the renewed version of Arvind Kejriwal has been in action from 14th February, 2015, as the Chief Minister of Delhi with the strong base of 67 MLAs in the State Assembly of the National Capital. How will the upcoming times be for the man who has stood for change? Will his fortunes get better with the passage of time or will they change for the worse? Let’s find out with Astrology.FM’s special astrological take on the enigmatic man…

Arvind Kejriwal
16th August, 1968
07:30 (unconfirmed)
Siwani, Haryana, India


Kejriwal and the Planets…

Leo Ascendant – Signifying the Urge to Lead….

  • Ganesha notes that he is born with Leo Ascendant. The Leo Sign depicts power and majesty. The Ascendant itself being Leo, gives him the desire and drive to work and proceed on the path of power. It makes him spirited, always eager to jump into action and he would get driven by the desire of being loved and admired. It also makes him immensely ambitious. He would continuously aspire to reach to high positions in whatever he does.

The Highlights:

  • The prominent feature in the Chart of Arvind Kejriwal is the conjunction of the 2nd and 11th House Lord Mercury, 5th House Lord Jupiter and 10th House Lord Venus in the Ascendant which forms a very powerful Rajayoga. As the Rajayoga occurs in the Sign of Leo, he has had a wonderful career in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). He reached the post of Joint commissioner from where he resigned to work in the social services.

Majority of Planets in the Trine Houses…

  • Also, he has five planets in the trine Houses in his horoscope. Ganesha feels that this factor has also contributed immensely in making him a public figure. Sun happens to be the Atmakaraka in his Chart. So, he possesses an impressive personality, great characteristics and a majestic attitude. He also has strong leadership qualities and a mass appeal.

Sun in the 12th House – A Cause for Various Troubles?

  • However, Sun is the Ascendant Lord and placed in the 12th House with a debilitated Mars. Hence, on many occasions, he is criticized for his attitude which smacks of over-confidence, and he has also been criticized for his dominating and confrontational behavior. He is often known as a person with a ‘rough and rude attitude’. Due to such confrontational approach he has been unable to sort out issues amicably with the opposition, higher authorities and people in higher levels of power.
  • The Ascendant Lord Sun in the 12th House also indicates lingering health issues like diabetes. The Sun-Mars conjunction in the 12th House makes him prone to infections with exposure to cold, pneumonia, cough or any other kind of chest infection, states Ganesha.

Saturn – Blocking Fortune?

  • Saturn, the debilitated 6th House Lord in the 9th House of luck is not desirable for a politician. So, he is going to face lots of struggle and difficulties in his political career. However, since the Saturn is Vargottama he can expect some dramatic achievements in his political career in the days to come.

The Planets Not Allowing Him to Keep Up His Word?

  • Moon is also afflicted because of its conjunction with the retrograde Saturn. Hence he is not so clear in his vision and sometimes his instinctive decisions backfire on him. Because of this combination, there are high chances of him sometimes compromising on his principles and values. He may not stand true to his word on some instances and this may cause problems for him in his public life. It also indicates constant tussle with the critics and higher authorities. He is also being criticized as an ‘expert in playing the blame game’. The problem here is Saturn being in a debilitated state.

The Period When He Rose…

  • During Jupiter Mahadasha (major-period) Mercury Bhukti (sub period) he sensationalized the Indian politics by defeating Mrs. Sheila Dikshit in 2013 in the Delhi legislative assembly elections. In a dramatic political turnaround, he became the Chief Minister with an unconditional support of Congress to form the government. Both Jupiter and Mercury are involved in a Rajyoga in his Chart. But, he lost the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi against Narendra Modi and his party suffered a humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in May 2014. He was then under the influence of Rahu Bhukti (sub period) and Rahu is placed in the 8th House (House of adversities, misfortunes and humiliation) in his Chart. He returned to power in Delhi during Saturn Bhukti (sub period). The transit of Jupiter over the Natal Sun has also helped him to regain the power. s
  • As the transiting Saturn in Scorpio is falling in the 8th House from his Natal Moon (Aries) and 4th from the Ascendant (Leo), the period till February 2017 indicates a period of struggle and mental tensions. However, Ganesha asserts that the transiting Jupiter in Leo will continue to act in his favour and may also help him to remain in the limelight.
  • The transiting Rahu will enter the Sign of Leo, that is his Ascendant from February 2016. So, he is likely to face challenges and controversies in the period between February 2016 and August 2016. Also, the most important factor he will need to take care of during that phase will be his communication. Extra care in this area can save him from many misunderstandings, problems and confusions. There will be very high chances of him losing his prestige or some defamation being caused to him in this 7-Month period. Patience will prove to be the key to turn all negative events to his advantage. If he can work along the above lines he will do quite well and achieve reasonable success as the CM of Delhi.

Ganesha wishes great luck ahead to Arvind Kejriwal.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K. Thakar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team