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Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope – Strict Rules & Brighter Future!

Starting career as a Government officer in Indian Revenue Service and then becoming Chief Minister of Delhi, he is a well known political personality. Leader of the AAP party, he has amazed everyone with his brilliant work and strategies for development. Yes, we are talking about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. In 2012, he launched Aam Aadmi Party and currently he is the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party. He became first time chief minister of Delhi in 2013 and from 2015 when he won elections became again Chief Minister of Delhi and currently holding the same position. Not to forget that he completed Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, it shows how clever and intelligent a person he is. So what makes Arvind Kejriwal so special, let’s reveal with the help of Vedic Astrology

Arvind Kejriwal Date of Birth: Aug 16, 1968.
Time of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Siwani.

arvind kejriwal kundli

As per Arvind Kejriwal astrology, Sun is placed in the sign of Cancer makes him a very intuitive person. Cancer is the sign which represents emotional feelings and the significator Sun in Cancer always makes him think about others, this really helped him to enter into politics.According to Arvind Kejariwal horoscope, fighter Mars is placed in the sign of Cancer makes him truly an o honest person and really demands emotional honesty from others too. The conjunction of Sun and Mars in cancer makes him a very stubborn and bold person too as he may always be there to help others. He may not think twice about doing things which are beneficial for others. With Mercury – placed in the sign of Leo,his communication is very bold and authoritative. Mercury Leo always gives very commanding attention and makes him a very captivating speaker which influences large audiences.

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As per Arvind Kejriwal horoscope, Saturn transit will bring new growth in his career. This also triggers that his peak time in politics is yet to come. Saturn transit in Capricorn will also give him a new way to communicate to viewers. He will surely have strong strategies for people in future. Divine Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring sudden new issues in his life. With this, no doubt, there may be surprises this year. As in the coming birthday, Mars is going to be in bright Leo and he will be more bold and courageous to take major decisions. Moreover, as he is going through Jupiter mahadasha and divine Jupiter placed in the sign of Leo, this will create favourable conditions for him. Antardasha of Mars will energize him to take more actions.

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As per Arvind Kejriwal kundli, health may be at the optimum level and the second half of the year 2021 may be better than first. Rahu transit in Taurus will be good for his health and he will be mentally very happy. Divine Jupiter transit in Aquarius will protect him from sudden health issues. Mars transit in Virgo may give him a sudden push to be more fit and it will be very beneficial for him. However, as he is going through Jupiter dasha and Mars antardasha which might create some problems but still some favourable transits will make him happy and healthy.

Wealth Prospects

Very good time to gain more fortune as per the Kejriwal horoscope. Benefic Jupiter dasha will work in his favour. Fighter Mars placement in Cancer may also help him to earn more money through the development of people. A sudden growth and rise may be seen in his political career, which may ultimately impact his wealth.

The movement of Jupiter in Aquarius may bring sudden unexpected wealth through ancestral inheritance as well. He might invest money in a new business. Moreover, Smoky Rahu transit in Taurus will also increase his materialistic desire, which he may be blessed with.

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Saturn transit through Capricorn will definitely encourage him to invest money in new projects. On a serious note, he may be looking for some long lasting gains through it. On the positive end, he might gain through Government due to taskmaster Saturn transit. He may be more communicative to the masses and will do some of the new projects for future progress. Divine Jupiter is placed in the sign of bright Leo and mahadasha of it will help him to do many things on a huge level. Whatever he will invest it will always be in huge rewards for him. During his birthday, Mars transit in Leo will bring sudden new life in him and he will be blessed with fighter Mars very well to fulfill all desires.

As per Arvind Kejriwal horoscope analysis, we can expect a huge growth in his career. The natal chart of Arvind Kejriwal is so powerful that he has that ability to rule and he achieved it too. This pandemic has created many new issues and he is such a strict person that he will take more bold decisions for future development. We can expect some of the unexpected and clear decisions from him in the coming time. Everything looks good but surely enemies might increase in the coming time as well. If he keeps in mind he will be alert and better for him.
We wish Arvind Kejriwal – Happy Birthday and a good year ahead!

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