Amrinder Singh expelled from Punjab Assembly: What Next

Introduction: Captain Amrinder Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab, was recently expelled from the State Assembly after being indicted by a House committee in a graft case and his seat was declared vacant. He is the son of Late Maharaja Yadavinder Singh of Patiala and was the head of the royal house of Patiala. He was commissioned in the Indian Army and then was elected to Lok Sabha.

Birth Chart

Chart Analysis

Amrinder Singh has fiery Sagittarius Ascendant which is Vargottama and the Lord of Ascendant Jupiter is exalted in the Navmansa chart. Such a powerful disposition signifies a person born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is the son of Late Maharaja Yadavinder Singh of Patiala.

In his chart Mercury becomes Atmakaraka which is placed in the star of Mars that indicates a career in armed or security forces. He was commissioned in the Indian Army and took part in the actual operations in the war against Pakistan in 1971. Mercury is exalted in the Navmansa chart. Powerful Atmakaraka which is also the Lord of 10th house in his chart denotes excellent success in the chosen profession. Mars and Saturn conjunction makes him very ambitious and exceedingly reactive, assertive and aggressive by nature.

He became Chief Minister of Punjab in 2002 under the influence of Rahu-Sun-Mercury period. Jupiter trine strong Amatayakaraka Sun and powerful Mercury have played a major role and lifted his political career up. But he could not retain his position under the influence of Jupiter-Saturn-Saturn period when the transiting Saturn was moving in the 64th Navmansa of his chart.

Expelled from the House

Recently the former chief minister had had to undergo the ignominity of being expelled from the Punjab state Assembly after being indicted by a House committee in a graft case. Currently the transiting Saturn is in opposition with the natal Sun. The transiting Rahu is moving in the 8th house. The August 2008 Solar eclipse occurred in the 8th house of his chart and that ignited the whole issue.

What Next?

The transiting Saturn will be in exact opposition to the natal Saturn in the month of November and again in February 2009 in retrograde motion. So the period between November 2008 and February 2009 will be highly stressful for him and he may have to face various other charges. The transiting Rahu in Pisces Navmansa between 13th May and 11th July 2009 looks unfavorable and we might see him fighting hard for the survival of his political career.

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