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Significance Of Radhastami And Celebrations

Significance Of Radhastami And Celebrations

Radha Ashtami is an extremely joyous occasion held every year. This festival is celebrated with the same zeal as Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary. The Hindu festival of Radha Ashtami commemorates the birth anniversary of ‘Shri Radha Rani’, the consort of Lord Krishna. She is known to be an ‘avatar’ of Goddess Lakshmi.

Radha Ashtami is celebrated 15 days after ‘Janmashtami’, the birth anniversary of Sri Krishna. It is celebrated on the ‘Ashtami’ (8th day) of the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of the moon) during the month of ‘Bhadrapada’ in the Hindu calendar. Radha Ashtami is also known as ‘Radha Jayanti’ or ‘Radhashtami’.

The celebrations of Radha Ashtami are even grand in Mathura, Vrindavan, and Barsana.

Radha Ashtami Date:September 23, 2023, Saturday

Ashtami Tithi Begins: 01:35 PM on Sep 22, 2023
Ashtami Tithi Ends: 12:17 PM on Sep 23, 2023

It is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, the observer of the Radha Ashtami Vrat will be blessed with a prosperous and happy life. The person will overcome all his obstacles, attain the materialistic desires and finally attain salvation. It is believed that after observing the Radha Ashtami fast and worshipping Goddess Durga, the person will be freed from all their sins. Their minds will be cleared of negative and bad thoughts, and an individual will attain spiritual bliss.

We are all familiar with popular legends of Radha-Krishna, but there are also many less-known legends such as that of the Radha Ashtami. For those who are not familiar with the legend of Radha Ashtami, here is a piece that might be of your interest.

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Radha Ashtami is associated with the birth of Goddess Radha, who was born to Vrishabhanu and Keertikumari. They had prayed to Lord Brahma in their previous birth to get Goddess Lakshmi as their daughter.

Lord Brahma gave them a boon that in the next birth they will get Lakshmi as their daughter. So, one-day Vrishabhanu was walking home when he found a little girl lying on the lotus leaf in a pond. Since he was childless, he picked up the baby and took her home. Thus, he and his wife brought up Radha as their daughter.

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The following Mantra must be recited on the day of Radha Ashtami to envoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi:

|| Aum Vrashbahnujaye Vidmahe, Krishnapriyaye Dheemahi Tanno Radha Prachodyat ||

1. On the day of Radha Ashtami, devotees rise before sunrise and spend the day worshipping Goddess Radha. Some devotees also observe a fast for this occasion to show their devotion to Goddess Radha.
2. Place the idols of Lord Krishna and Radharani in the praying area together. The idol of Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna is bathed, and Abhishek is performed with ‘panchamrit’, at noon.
3. The idols are then adorned with new clothes and fresh flowers. The devotees offer shringar items, dhoop and bhog to the idols.
4. Prayers are offered to Radha along with Lord Krishna. Radhaji’s aarti is sung, and prasad is distributed among the devotees. The worship of Lord Krishna is incomplete without worshipping Radha Rani.
5. On the day of Radha Ashtami, devotees recite different names of Goddess Radha and also chant the ‘Radha Gayatri Mantra’.
Devotees chant “ Jai Jai Shree Radhe” the whole day to seek blessings from Lord Krishna.

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Radha is considered the consort of Lord Krishna. She is a perfect example of true boundless love. Special ‘Pooja’ rituals are performed on this day. Those who worship Radha are said to be blessed with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi’s blessings.

So, on this Radha Ashtami, get your desires fulfilled by earning the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

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